let her choose cake.

I want cupcakes. Lots of cupcakes.

I want pink cake.

I want cake with ponies on it. Not drawn on, real ponies ON it.

I want chocolate cake

I want cake with ice cream inside

I want princess cake

I want Dora cake


This is the order in which Elizabeth has asked for cake for her birthday over the last month. She also wants balloons. What cake I’ll end up getting her… who knows. I home made her (a very ugly!) cake last year… so I’m probably going to cold stone it this year and it’ll be pretty and yummy.

For now I’m going to bed and try to rid of myself of the twitch in my eye. I am having my cake and eating it too (so to speak) around here. Well at the moment to be more accurate my plate feels full of (work related) cake-y goodness… but there’s not enough savoring time right now. All work pushed aside until I figure out the magical details of E’s 3rd birthday- and her first real ‘party’ with people other than family.

The family is #1. Work can wait a few days…