new apparel-


Shopping for myself = complete misery at this point. However shopping for Elizabeth and Rebecca is SOOO MUCH FUN! Today I went out to get a few warmer weather items and longer pants, shirts, etc. for Miss R. I even picked up this bathing suit for her. SO cute and let’s face it- it’s going to look good with summery scrapbook supplies.

Currently I’m on a quest to find something with a little dear on it for the girls to wear (and coordinate) with all that fabulous October Afternoon scrapbook stuff coming out. I’m a mom obsessed. A true member of Mom-arazzi. I know. Well it’s a  beautiful SUNNY day and so I’m off to throw open the windows and enjoy alone time with Rebecca. E and daddy are off at Nana’s house playing so that I can get some major work, laundry, and unpacking done.

TGIF everyone!!!