secret life of may

I’m neck deep in secrets. GOOD stuff. Some of which will be revealed on 3.1 SO, other than all-consuming secrets in my ‘bat cave’ what is up here at casa de flaum?

bex.jpg Daddy said to Rebecca “Ok, so you’re barely 6 months old and you’re crawling and rolling over and all… but you’re not standing. Not walking. You want me to be impressed? stand up!” Now you have to understand that he was TOTALLY kidding.

48hrs later though, I found her standing in her crib. And she’s pulling herself up onto legs and furnature all day long now. Such a nut.

Elizabeth is OBSESSED with her birthday (next week) and doesn’t let anyone forget that it’s coming. Where’s my cake? When is my party? Where are my balloons? To tide her over I got her the cutest cupcake at our grocery store. Oh- and note her shirt. I found a shirt that says “bon bons” though I still have NOT found any for me to eat (being that I’m a stay at home mom and that’s what I’m supposedly eating all day)


Sanded sugar is good. Icing is good too. But I’ll resist. Ok, just one small bite. I didn’t run for 30min today just so I could eat this! I ran to try and rid myself of all this baby weight… or at least a few hundred calories worth…


Sweet dreams…