moon face (stencil + gel medium card #2)

Yesterday I shared this project (and video tutorial)


Well, today I’m sharing the opposite.

The what?
When I placed the used stencil down onto another paper I got the mirror image and I of course used it!
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I did a similar card design – and oh how I love the look of this! I love that the mist kind of spreads onto the clear paste area, that the color is scratchy… just love it.
No waste going on here- just lots of happy crafting, stencil use, and more projects to come! National Craft Month is just warming up…

Gel Medium

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I love playing with glossy gel medium + stencils + mist. What is more fun? My friend Christine at ScrapTime is also playing with gel mediums today! We are teaming up and You can check out her post + video on gel medium as well as mine today. Kind of a fun crafty collaboration! Here’s the direct link to her blog post.

This technique I’ve been doing with glossy gel medium and it works so great – I wanted to also find out if it works with matte finish, or if it matters what brand. The answer: NO difference! works well either way.


The stencil I used is a Balzer Bits stencil by The Crafter’s Workshop – loving this face stencil!


Here is the full video tutorial – hope it inspires you!

link to YouTube

Tea tag

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You guessed it – I’ve been experimenting some more. This time? Watercolors + heavy gesso + black ink. Truly – that’s it. I’m trying to get more comfortable with blending and playing with the colors and I just love how this one turned out! This is a stencil (tea + cup) from The Crafter’s Workshop and I’ll be sharing a tutorial with it later this month.


For now, I’ll be hoping for a cold day so I can sit and sip more hot tea…

Supplies Used:

Technique phases


Here in my world, something I do a lot is to repeat a technique or look a lot. Oh, not forever… but I will get in a zone where I want to color all stencils then flip them and ‘stamp’ onto another piece of paper + rub gel or paste into the stencil (see above).

I just love doing that right now, and this isn’t the first or last technique to see this with me. It’s something I do. I will play with an idea a lot, then retire it or at least use it a more reasonable/rare amount. Right now though, this is my “yes let’s do that” every time I touch a stencil. In fact I’ve got a guest post going up in a few weeks (with video tutorial) and I’ll explain more then.

For now, I’m enjoying this technique and curious what the next phase will be…

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Tag with a current favorite combo: purple & blue


I have always had the HARDEST time crafting with purple. Lately though, some minty greens, aqua, and blues have been pairing up beautifully with this color! Today I’ve got a tag to share – this features a new Rebekah Meier stencil.


Over on my YouTube channel I’ve been doing gesso, paste, and other medium videos so there have been a lot of tests going on. This is one of my favorites so far. Gotta love it when you can find new ways to craft your favorite color!

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