Tea tag

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You guessed it – I’ve been experimenting some more. This time? Watercolors + heavy gesso + black ink. Truly – that’s it. I’m trying to get more comfortable with blending and playing with the colors and I just love how this one turned out! This is a stencil (tea + cup) from The Crafter’s Workshop and I’ll be sharing a tutorial with it later this month.


For now, I’ll be hoping for a cold day so I can sit and sip more hot tea…

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10 thoughts on “Tea tag”

  1. I was just here this am and you changed the blog! Looks terrific! Love it. Loved the other way too, though. Anyway, beautiful tag. Love having a front row seat to all the experimenting you’re doing. Love that stencil, too. Michelle t

  2. Very pretty! I love the colors you got in the background and how “chunky” the teacup looks. Great dimension!!

  3. gorgeous color combination 🙂 love that little touch of black to make the other colors stand out

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