ScanNCutDX: Which Model?

There are several models of the ScanNCutDX, so which is right for you? In this article I will go into each, and who I would recommend it to you. Now note – the usual disclaimer I do work with Brother as a paid consultant, but all ideas and opinions are my own. The short version is this: ANY of the models will work great, it’s a matter of what your own budget and preference is!

Above I am pictured with the ScanNCutDX SDX125 model. This is the model you’ll see me demoing whenever I am at an event (such as GenCon, above) and this is the model you’ll see available widely online and in shops such as scrapbook stores or chain craft stores too. It is often seen on HSN, and you can even (affiliate link) get it on Amazon.

This is the least expensive model, and the key differences are that it won’t read PES embroidery files, can’t 24″ scan, and it doesn’t have as many built-in files. Often it does not have as many “extras” come with it as far as accessories, but the bundle can vary depending on where you buy it and if a deal is going on.

Next up – the machine you see used in most of my videos and projects: the SDX225 innov-is edition. This machine does have more extras, can read PES embroidery files, can scan 24″, usually comes with more accessories, and this machine is also only available from authorized Brother dealers.

Third – the SDX230D aka the Disney ScanNCut has its own bundle of extras including exclusive Disney cut files, and is only available through authorized Brother dealers.

So who should get which machine? It depends on how you craft, and if you’ll use the extras of the dealer exclusive models or not. I rely heavily on built-in patterns and I do a fair amount of 24″ scanning and intricate work so for me, the 230D is a DREAM machine as I also scrapbook and create a lot of Disney inspired crafts. The SDX225 is equally capable – just minus the Disney!

The important thing to remember: They all have a built in scanner, they all cut up to 3mm thick, and they all do pretty much all of the wonderful things you see me craft. So depending on budget as well as how much you’ll use the added designs and features of the dealer models, there really isn’t a wrong choice all 3 machines are super fun to craft with.

I LOVE the ScanNCut for many reasons- from the built in scanner to being able to work it stand-alone without a computer or tablet. I happily work with Brother specifically because I use their machines (I don’t use their machines because I work with them- its mutual love!) and I mention that because I want you to know what I do and share here is always truth!

A few resources before I head back into the studio and craft some more:

Did I miss anything? Have questions I ca answer? Do let me know! I am always happy to share tutorials and ideas with you here and on my social media channels. Happy Crafting!

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  1. I received one for Christmas last year and still have no idea how to use this… it was suggested that I watch someone names Julie but i do not believe she is/was effective. I have looked all over the internet and dont believe there really is much help. I wish I had gotten a cricut or other machine…

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