Scrapbooking 101: What is the goal?

We’ve talked about workflow, supplies, and the why of it. Next up? Let’s talk about having a clear goal with each scrapbook album or project that you take on.

Why you scrapbook, what format you take, and what style you prefer are all personal preference with no wrong answer. The only thing I regret and wish I’d done differently? I wish I had a clear goal or plan going into each album vs simply making scrapbook pages and “figure it out later”.

Having a goal changes things because it sets up an end game. It says what direction you are headed and helps to guide some of your creative choices.

For example – if I know I am working on a “one year in one album”, I can adjust how many pages (or how many stories to combine!) knowing I need 12 months to fit inside. Some years are quieter and I can stretch out, while others are packed and I take multiple stories and fit into single pages. This is true for any album project though – having parameters will help ensure full album success vs pages that won’t fit or half empty albums.

The point, goal, or end game does not have to be restrictive or hinder your creativity – simply create a framework for you to operate within. I will note as well – it can be flexible!

For example, if I wish to make a mini-album of a particular event or create in some other way I absolutely can! In these instances I can vary from the norm and create a side project- with its own goal.

Some of my current and past “scrapbook end game” include:

  • Specific long vacation album created
  • Mini album for event, topic, or vacation
  • Annual 12×12 album with assorted styles of pages within

My current goal? I want to go through and actually remove and put into storage the pages that I have that serve no purpose. The pages there because I had some idea or assignment and made a page with a photo – but no particular story or sentiment. A page that holds no special place now. This will help me narrow down my shelves of albums as well as better organize and show me what I have.

I do not intend to go backwards scrapbook wise and fill gaps or “fix” things – just organize into a far more cohesive and manageable past. This project will be done probably more in winter on dark/rainy days when I can’t film projects or as spare time allows. I’ll be sure to post how that goes! In the meantime I’ve got 6 open/in progress albums to work on when not working on my other projects.

So do tell: what are you working on? And what subjects would you like to see me cover in scrapbooking and beyond?

4 thoughts on “Scrapbooking 101: What is the goal?”

  1. I got into paper crafting way too late to ever catch up . Wish I had read something like this 15 years.-very sound goals in this post.
    I just lost my 2 big dogs within 4 weeks of each other. I definitely should have made albums for them so I could look back at all the happy memories.It would be a big comfort right now. I am lost without them.

  2. I have several albums of random trips, with each trip usually 2 or 3 double page layouts, and I’m good with the surprise of what I’ll see when I turn the page, although I do struggle with how to label the album (so there is no label!). I don’t really want to try to categorize by year or area. Any suggestions for album labels?
    I am working my way through a big trip. Your Scrapbooking the Journey class has really helped me identify the stories I want to tell. All on my own I’d have way too many pictures, be overwhelmed with what to scrap, and nothing much would happen. With your guidance, I have a list of stories I want to tell and when I have scrappy time, I go to my list and pick a story.
    What would I like for future posts? I love your practical suggestions on the how and why – maybe a post on supply organization?

  3. I have lots of projects waiting for me to have the necessary mindset to get to them. Pictures and products and ephemera from my daughter’s 2018 camping trip, pictures and products and a bit of journaling done on the trip for our 2018 Disney trip. It’s just been a stressful year and I’ve been disappearing into books instead of scrapbooking. Hoping to carve out some time soon.

  4. I like the idea of having an end goal too. I need to go through my alums and make sure I’m telling a full story

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