Felt pouch for special things

In need of a little place to keep “don’t lose this” papers and bits, I decided to make my lovely niece and favorite college freshman a little felt velcro closing pouch. I’m trying to do more practical crafting, trying to share ideas and create things others can benefit from!

The steps are super easy.

  1. Stitch any decorative elements to a piece of felt (My felt was 9×12)
  2. Fold the felt, stitch the two sides shut
  3. Stitch velcro tab(s) to the flap
  4. USE IT!

I am notoriously weak at sewing and want to improve both my skills and my understanding of the craft. It has so much potential and is used so much in my life clothes to furniture! So coming up with this simple idea really was a fun and quick project.

Here you can see it coming together – folding the decorative fabric, stitching it in place, and the folding/stitching the flap closed. All pretty straightforward and simple – just how I like my sewing!

I machine stitched the velcro on, then hand stitched a button to cover that stitching plus provide evven more strength to the project. Loving the results!

Even better- the recipient is happily using and enjoying my work which makes me feel so good! This time of year always feels especially crafty and time to make things for others, don’t you think?

One thought on “Felt pouch for special things”

  1. That is so fun May. I love the fabric. Your niece is so lucky to have you close by. And what a great role model she must be for your girls!

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