Floral headband DIY with ScanNCut

Earlier this month I attended GenCon and hand crafted a few accessories and details inspired by some of my favorite characters. Today I want to share the how-to for my floral headband.

I did make an apron – just stitched red fabric onto a pre-made blue apron, and then added a vinyl (cut with my ScanNCut, of course!) dragon with iron on material. Such the perfect touch to this outfit!

For the full how-to on the headband, here is a link to my YouTube video. Essentially you cut the parts (leaves, petals) and then stitch around them (optional) before gluing to a headband. In my case, I covered the headband first with felt.

When it comes to making custom costume pieces, felt and vinyl have become two of my very favorite materials to work with! I can get a lot of personality and detail, with not a huge amount of money or crazy amounts of time.

For the dragon (just FYI) – after I cut it out of the vinyl with the ScanNCut I weeded (removed) the vinyl I wasn’t using, then placed the material down on the apron until I found a good spot for it. This was a matte finish iron-on material – so once set (place fabric over, then iron until it transfers)¬† it added a lot of personality to my apron.

This headband did take a few hours – but a lot of that was trial and error! I am new to building costume elements and I am finding the creative challenges to be really fun! I know that Halloween is sneaking right up on me and I can hopefully use these growing skills for the kids!

I am really delighted with how this headband came out – as well as how many people said such nice things about my costume accessories! It was fun to play dress up in subtle ways, and my sweet four year old neighbor already has a few orders in for headbands, aprons, and the like. I will be sure to continue and share my creations with you here – so stay tuned!

Usual disclaimer – I am a paid consultant and work with Brother, but all ideas & opinions are my own. The ScanNCut is a machine I use ALL the time for my projects and creations and I don’t know how I created before it came along!¬†