Ladybug card: Custom made with the ScanNCut

So I have been struggling for creative time, trying to figure out some new fun thing to inspire me and guess what? I found inspiration in some decorations our neighbor was creating for her daughter’s birthday! She is having a pink ladybug party and I thought… I wonder if I can make a ladybug with the ScanNCut?

the usual disclaimer here that I work with Brother, but all ideas & opinions here are always my own. Love their products!

One of the things I love doing – which I recently did with a tote bag and eyeball design- is┬ácoming up with ways to combine ScanNCut basic patterns to make cool intricate ones. It is so very easy! You can find my tutorial on YouTube here.

The basic how-to?

  1. Pick your pattern pieces
  2. Re-size/overlap them on the ScanNCut screen
  3. Select all of the pieces
  4. “Weld” the pattern which will remove all overlapping cuts
  5. Cut it out!

I am just loving how this turned out, and how cute it is! Just two pieces of cardstock and a bit of time on the ScanNCut had me creating and excited so quick that I am going to make her a few extra (bigger) ones for party decor!

I really do love when an idea comes together and busts you out of your “what should I make?” slump! This one sure did and I can’t wait to get jumping on more projects ASAP! But first – a few more ladybugs!

I’m here getting ready for fall, sending kids back to school, and digging through chaos but I’m excited about all of the new ideas I am going to be sharing with you! Do you have a shape or animal to challenge me to create next? Do tell!

3 thoughts on “Ladybug card: Custom made with the ScanNCut”

  1. So cute! I am not here yet. BUT Have the latest update on my jump drive ready to install, taking a beginner class online, and got a small laptop so I can watch and do at the same time. Baby steps but I’m getting there. Never ceases to amaze how you accomplish all that you do. Think I need a self-discipline transplant/

  2. these ladybugs are super sweet. What a fun theme for a oarty. My girls are into llamas, so I’m suggesting llamas as a shape.

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