Rainbow Belt DIY

I’ve had some crazy ideas in my time, but this might just take the cake. Have you ever heard of cosplay? Essentially you’re talking about dressing up as a fictional character – and anything goes. You could be dressing up as your favorite super hero, TV cartoon character, or someone from a game! Some folks truly make an art of it, and it goes way beyond Halloween!

Now this idea has always intimidated me- I’m no seamstress! In recent years though, a form of dress up inspired by characters has emerged that has really caught my attention. Essentially using your own wardrobe with slight alteration to have a “normal clothes… but inspired by/clearly intending to be — character” look. So think colors, patterns, and designs simple interpretations that can be done with little or no custom DIY work. Also, think small. You can just add a belt, a necklace, or some other accessory you customized.

Why do I bring all this up? Well I’m flying off to GenCon 2018 to work the room with Brother ScanNCut team and I thought it would be fun to dress up a bit as I know so many attendees do! But what to do? What would be something I could make but also would be practical and comfortable? 

I decided the way to go would be to hand craft a few fun accessories to wear each day, and be inspired by some favorite character or theme – related to GenCon or not.

I got the idea looking around my studio to go with an 80’s rainbow loving cartoon character because I have a blue dress that if only I could make a belt… it would work! For a project like my belt you’ll need felt, white thread (hand stitch or sew), red belt, and of course it helps to have a ScanNCut!

I used my ScanNCut to create pieces just the right size for this “belt buckle” of sorts. I filmed my entire process including my thoughts on working on such a project. That (18 minute!) epic video can be found here on YouTube.

Basically I cut the pieces. Stitched the pieces. Then stitched it to the belt! The real key to a project like this is to pause and think out the logistics. Think about what you’re doing, and how it’ll look. The #1 lesson I’ve learned so far in making these costume-y accessories?


Every single time I start getting too complicated in design or colors, I fail. It’s always better to start simple, add on slowly.

One fun fact – this was my new sewing machine (sent to me by my friends at Brother!) debut project. WOW this machine can handle itself! I will be posting some information about it and other sewing machine 101 info soon. In the meantime, I’ve got a few more character inspired outfits to make!

Of course while I’m making costume accessories for myself – I have ideas for my own daughters as well as other kids I know to share the fun with them as well! I really love the idea of some playful DIY accessories and I’m really getting into this. What should I try next? Have you ever made any costumes or accessories? Do share!

usual disclaimer here – I am a paid consultant for Brother, a Brand Ambassador for the ScanNCut. All ideas and opinions are 100% my own. This is a company and machine I adore – as you can see it makes my wild ideas reality!

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  1. That is going to be a fabulous cosplay 🙂 my kids and I dress up to go to a local convention.

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