Purple 2018: with green

While Mardi Gras gold and bold colors seemed the obvious inspiration today, I decided instead to go for the softer, more blue side of purple hues and pair it with green colors. In this YouTube video I have walked through the coloring process if you are interested in the full tutorial. I used distress inks – one of my favorite ways to have watercolor fun simply and easily.

A few tips for a project like mine:

  • Use watercolor paper and archival ink for most reliable results
  • Feel wild? Coat a book or other paper (as I did) with gesso and play!
  • Don’t forget – a few small embellishments can add a lot to a simple card
  • When in doubt tear with a ruler for a semi-straight edge!
  • Don’t worry about the end result – have fun and play!
  • If it does turn out well – use for a collage/wall hanging piece or simply mount on cardstock and make a card.

Soft blue-ish purple hues + green and blueish green is a classic for a reason – it’s an easy win! There are of course a lot of shades of purple and there are many color and craft project ideas. I’ll be back next month with a new idea – it’s only February but I’m loving this year of purple…

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