DIY: Coloring Book Page ideas

Yesterday I talked about coloring practice. One place that can be a lot of fun is in a coloring book – though it is somewhat limited with what mediums will work without major issues. I asked my daughters if I could have a coloring book page from each of them to play around with. After all – what good are those pages if we can’t do something to display them?

There are plenty of things to be done – you can make:

  • card fronts
  • add to your planner
  • cut pieces and use as decorative element in a scrapbook
  • Use to wrap a (small) box and gift it
  • Make luggage tags
  • frame as artwork

And so much more! Options abound – of course this works best if you have a single-sided or only are coloring one side of the page. I have a few super quick ideas to share with you here today in my YouTube video.

I am forever looking for ways to make sure I craft useful things – so when the girls saw these and grabbed them right up (except the gift tag – that I was instructed to use for Becca’s birthday) I was delighted! Bookmarks and notebooks are always favorites in this house.

Not a coloring book enthusiast? Consider that you could stamp and color an image, you could do this with an excess of scrapbooking paper/patterned paper, or you could just look around and see what you do have that needs repurposing or otherwise needs to be put to work. There’s always a way to create or recreate!

11 thoughts on “DIY: Coloring Book Page ideas”

  1. Thank you May another great idea I have several coloring books and these ideas are a great idea. I finally told my son I cannot go in a certain store until I finish the coloring books I already have. Most of the coloring book pages are one sided so this project will work well. Will watch thus video one more time.

  2. Love those! I usually toss the pages, although there are a few I held to because I really like how they turned out. I probably wouldn’t use them for a card front, so these ideas are really helpful.

  3. I have used a few of the smaller ones as post cards. A lot of the smaller books are on much thicker paper, which makes them great as post cards, you do have to seal them first, if you are using watercolor.

  4. I love the cute coloring book pages you used. I have not yet bought a coloring book for myself. These look really cute.

  5. very fun- I guess I need to get with my nieces as I gave them all the coloring books I had. But I do have LOTS of stamps that would make a great background to color….

  6. Thats really clever! I haven’t got into the colouring craze – that would steal time from Scrapbooking ???? But great ideas for using the completed pages if you have children or colour yourself.

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