Support Our Schools! Double Box Tops, and some quick project tips

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First, let me explain one of the ways I get more done and shop less often: I buy in bulk on all basics so I can be stocked up and avoid the “one necessary item ran out” runs that so often plague us and cost us precious time. I’ve already got the girls set with notebooks, shoes, and backpacks… but what about the household needs? Seeing school begins next week (eeek!) and knowing the added crazy that adds to my schedule I headed to Walmart to stock up. What was on the list? A number of things from shampoo to paper goods – including Viva® Vantage® 6 Big Rolls, Kleenex® Trusted Care* 3 Bundle Pack, Kleenex® Trusted Care* 4 Bundle Pack, and Scott® Tissue 20 Roll Pack.

I know that DOUBLE Box Tops is going on and not only did I get to stock up but I also get to help my school even more. We all win! I was sure to grab extra paper towels because as a notoriously messy crafter – well believe me I need them here in the studio!

I’ve not tried this particular paper towel before but I’ll be looking for it now because it did a FANTASTIC job as I created mess after mess in the studio. It also has really great texture for projects as well. What mess did I create? Well I need a new “hey mom sign/look at this” in-box, “here are the extras for homework doing” pencil box, and I gave my old Box Tops container away so I need to get that set up too. Luckily I’ve got everything I need to get moving.

Here is a YouTube video tutorial that walks through all of the steps for transforming an empty box as well as some tips on using paper towels in your crafting.

To recap the tissue covered box steps:

  1. Cut off the top of the box, then cover in tissue layer(s), making sure each bit is coated with liquid glue.
  2. Add paint, ink, dye, spray, or other color mediums
  3. If desired, add metallic or other accents such as stickers. You can also at this time doodle in the wet paint with the back end of a paint brush!
  4. Add texture by dabbing with a paper towel if desired.

I can’t say enough nice things about these Viva Vantage paper towels – seriously crafting gold!! I turned this tag into a gift tag that says “bless you” and will put onto a three pack of Kleenex for the office staff so they’ve got really nice facial tissue to use in super cute boxes. I do so love supporting local schools and I do so in several ways.

As I mentioned before there are great back to school promotions and products with double Box Tops right now (find out more here). I always try to stock up when this happens because it is such a simple way to not only get products I use and need, but support my schools. Those Box Tops really do add up.

Back before I ever had kids even I was sure to clip those and save them for local schools. I knew it wasn’t a big thing, but so many teachers have been so instrumental in encouraging my creativity and supporting me I always like to do what I can. In addition to looking for Box Tops products as a crafter I always try to share supplies with my schools and teachers.

Whether it’s stamps I think are cute but don’t use anymore, an accidental duplicate ink pad, colored pens, cardstock, patterned paper, or stickers when I have supplies in need of a good home that I think will be a good fit for our local schools I always build up a box and share it. I feel so good knowing that these things will support the teachers who share so much of themselves with kids – including my own.

The final thing that I regularly do? I ask what they need. I will never forget the year my daughter’s teacher said she would love Kleenex as the facial tissue they have access to is super rough on noses and it had been a rough cold season. I hadn’t ever considered that – but now I’m always sure to include a multi-pack in my “Back to School” gift to our teachers and office staff!

I want to thank Collective Bias for inviting me to take part and share this blog post, as it’s reminded me of all the things big and small we can do to support each other – especially those who devote their lives to educating and inspiring the next generation. Thank you for reading my post – and if you have creative uses for Kleenex boxes, if you’ve got smart ways of storing Box Tops, or if you have any clever back to school stock up & prep tips I would LOVE to hear them!

I’m trying to make this my best year yet and I always love hearing your tips, tricks, and suggestions!

8 thoughts on “Support Our Schools! Double Box Tops, and some quick project tips”

  1. Great minds! I have always collected the box tops, as a matter of fact I used to be the coordinator of the “apples for the kids” project for my town, but that was years ago. My kids are grown now so I keep a small pencil box near my cookbooks for the box top points and once a quarter I give them to a teacher friend I know. (I live too far away from the grandkids 🙁 ). Keep saving, these days federal funding is being cut all over the place, and who knows where it will strike next! Our kids are falling farther and farther behind in academics, so anything we can do to help the schools will be worth it in the long run!

  2. Love these boxes. May what is the double sided tape dispenser you used. Would love to know.

  3. Cute projects. I really like how you wrote pencils in the bottom of the box. I know my daughter loves to take the Box Tops in to her school. Not only does it help the school it makes her feel special to bring them to class.

  4. My daughter is entering fifth grade and I have been counting Box Tops for her school since Kindergarten. Her school makes a fun competition between the grades to see which one can collect the most box tops. The winner gets a small treat for their efforts at the end.

  5. That is so cool May. Our Kleenex boxes here in HK are so cute that I don’t even cover them – they have a Disney theme going on now and I have 3 boxes saved for a rainy day!

  6. I love this craft, so creative! I have four kids and we go through tissues, toilet paper and paper towels so quickly! Your box is a great way to upcycle some of that packaging. #client

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