cut leftovers for an easy photo display


Hey guys- here with a quick and super fun idea. As you guys know I’m always telling you go ahead and make extras with your ScanNCut, go ahead and punch and cut extras to use up the scraps you can use them later.


Well today I did just that!


I took a foam heart – yes the ScanNCut will cut foam and other thick materials with the deep cut blade- and a number of flower pieces. Put them together on a little ruler clip that I found at the craft store last week. Simple, easy, great use of leftovers!


I used gummy dots of adhesive so that when I’m done I can peel it off and change it up! For now though, loving scrappy + her much shorter doppelgänger toy! The top part clips closed, bottom wide/open to stand up. So fun!

DSC_6247 copy

Having pre-cut basics is one thing I’m a huge fan of because you never know when you’ll want to whip up a super quick project, photo display, or other décor project. Thanks for checking out this quick idea, and I hope you’ve been inspired!

Disclaimer that I am a paid consultant for Brother, but all ideas and opinions are my own including how much I love the ScanNCut and how crafty it helps me be!

4 thoughts on “cut leftovers for an easy photo display”

  1. Boy, she is such a cutie! This is a really awesome idea, too. You’re so creative. Michelle t

  2. Scrapalicious! I’ve been using my new Scan n Cut to cut shapes out of random scraps so I can reduce my stash, just like you suggest. I got my 28 Lilac Lane kit today and now I can use the cutouts with all the fabulous embellishments – that is, if I can bear to use them instead of just admiring them!

  3. So cute, Scrappy is looking adorable and love that toy,lol. I can’t seem to get my scan n cut down, I feel like the only person in the world that can’t master this machine.

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