alter it with alcohol ink!

Hey there, I’ve been quiet! No special reason just slow moving as ever these days, and didn’t realize how many days had passed since I blogged. I’ve got a great project and video for you today – and it only takes 3-5minutes at the very most!DSC_6034

This project was so quick and so easy! Basically I took this little metal distressed cup (perfect for buttons!), added a few swipes of alcohol ink, and now it’s colored and lovely.


If you’d like to watch the transformation/how-to check out my YouTube video here. The process was so easy – and would work on a number of surfaces. Lately I’ve been painting a ton, so I love that with this project, there was no waiting for anything to dry.DSC_6045

One final cool thing about this? If I decide I am tired of it I can wipe it down with blender solution and it’ll all (or at least most) come off and I can begin again! I’ve long been a fan of Ranger’s alcohol inks (available most places Ranger is sold – including many large craft store chains) and what it can do. I hope I’ve inspired you to redecorate a little something in your home. I definitely didn’t need another holder for stray buttons – but I do so love looking at it!

5 thoughts on “alter it with alcohol ink!”

  1. It’s adorable! What a great idea, May. I always see the alcohol inks used to transform tiny embellishments, never on a large piece like this. I love how the inside looks like an actual flower, with the color variations.

  2. This is really cute! And I too like this beautiful, vibrant blues. I’m hesitant to try alcohol inks, but seeing this does make me want to try this medium. Thanks for sharing your project! Michelle t

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