Cards for any occasion: lesson 1

Great news! One of the FREE online classes that I filmed for is now open for registration. Not a card maker? not a problem! It’s packed with techniques and ideas you can use in your art journal, scrapbook, or mixed media project as well.

What could be better? Each week I’m going to be sharing a video and card inspired by class right here on my blog, so over the next ten weeks you’re going to see ten very different takes on the various lessons from class. Double the fun!

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So kicking it off lesson #1 in class (sign up for class here) is a fun loose watercolor birthday card. Stamp 1 image. add some color. mount it onto cardstock layer(s) and done. It’s a simple idea, and one I really like because whether your coloring skills are limited or you’re wearing a wrist brace still (like me) it’s doable. Different every time. A TON of fun.

Here is a Link to YouTube video for my new take on this lesson.

The card I created here features a new Tammy Tutterow stamp, as well as purple and green shades of distress ink. You could use any watercolor type medium, and while optional I find embossing in white or clear to be well worth it for that extra pop. Bolder/darker colors around the edges will help it really stand out.

I really love how this first card turned out – and I hope you’ll join me here every week as well as over at my free class. I love that offers these free courses that help show techniques and ideas for paper crafting, and it was a total labor of love creating this class. I hope you enjoy the bonus content posted here at my blog each week as well!

2 thoughts on “Cards for any occasion: lesson 1”

  1. Love your classes, May. Your teaching is top notch. You have a wealth of knowledge, and a bunch of talent. I take card making techniques into my scrapbooking all the time, they’re universal. Thanks, again. Michelle t

  2. First I just have to say how gorgeous you look on the video – that green really suits you!
    Very pretty card – that stamp is gorgeous!

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