Hand crafted gift topper


A few paper layers, some ink, and of course my ScanNCut and I’ve got a layered flower ready for the top of a gift box, wine bottle, or any other gift! Hey guys, I’m here with a video tutorial to kick off the week. Before I share the how-to a disclaimer as always that I am a paid consultant for Brother, however all ideas and opinions are my own.

Here’s a link to my YouTube tutorial where I explain this project.

I just love the fun of playing with various materials, layers, and inks. So easy and really adds so much to a gift!


Funny fact: I thought I had already photographed this project and changed my mind – put the topper on a box for Father’s Day!! Then realized “Um… whoops” stole it back for the wine and re-photographed. These things happen! But – it’s also a great reminder that projects like this are not only giftable but reusable as well.


Like to dress up your holiday gifts? Create some of these now and save them for later! Holidays are a great time to use these – and even better if they’re already made. I can hardly believe how fast July is sneaking up on us!

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  1. Very sweet! Can’t wait to get my new Scsn n Cut fired up to try someof your ideas.

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