Simple hoop project


I have long loved embroidery hoops, and lately I’ve been playing with growing my (so meager) skills! This simple hoop was created for the CHA trade show (my new embellishment line, 28 Lilac Lane) and features the Sunshine and Pretty Princess bottles and trim from the Hello, Cupcake kit. To create a project like this:

  1. Mark where the fabric will be, then draw a light line.
  2. Stitch fabric and backing material together (loop around near edge), then place into hoop.
  3. Stitch and pull tight the excess on the back of the hoop.
  4. Use PPA or other clear drying glue, place a bow, as well as all the buttons, beads, sequins, and pearls into place.


What I love about this project is that while I did stitch a bit, mostly this project was put together by just gluing! I do love a shortcut, and this was definitely quicker than hand stitching. It also allowed me to embellish the very edge where stitching wouldn’t be able to be done on a hoop like this.

5 thoughts on “Simple hoop project”

  1. Hey, I would love to see a video on the making of the hoop in your next post….thank you for sharing your gift…I love how you do what you do… inspiration, always!!!

  2. Oh, I just love this May! Belle is my favourite too. She reads even more than me! I’d also love to know where you got the image from!

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