Starshine – Shimelle for American Crafts

DSC_2349 copy

Shimelle has designed her third line for American Crafts – and it is my favorite so far!

DSC_2352 copy

From the stickers to the clips, tapes to thickers Рso great!

DSC_2361 copy

I really like that there are globes, but it isn’t a “travel” line. It’s a good for anything line!

DSC_2363 copy

Love the world map display!

DSC_2366 copy

Here are some embellishments…

DSC_2368 copy

and look at that paper!

DSC_2370 copy

DSC_2372 copy

3 thoughts on “Starshine – Shimelle for American Crafts”

  1. I love every single bit of it. Scrap time Published a YouTube video which supplements your photos. With the photos, though, you can absorb more details. Thanks for posting them! I am adding this line to my wish list.

  2. Oh, yeah, definitely my favorite of Shimelle’s, too. I have to be super choosy with what to buy, and this is right up there. I love the paper, too. And it seems, the little I’ve seen, to be navy predominant. (Which I’m loving). Anyway, great photos, thanks for sharing. Michelle t

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