28 Lilac Lane: Little décor house

DSC_1684 copy

I’m back from CHA – and it’s time for another 28 Lilac Lane tutorial!

For a project like mine you’ll need:

  • small wood birdhouse
  • white paint
  • liquid adhesive (PPA is what I recommend) and double sided tape/adhesive sheet
  • 28 Lilac Lane embellishment jar or kit (I am using the Attic Findings kit and Birds of a Feather Jar)
  • Optional: stamp, ink, glossy liquid sealant, and glitter glue

Here’s a link to my YouTube video tutorial.

Here’s my finished house, all ready for a spring display!

newleaf_project_house copy

I hope you’ve enjoyed this video tutorial!

4 thoughts on “28 Lilac Lane: Little décor house”

  1. May – this is super adorable!! I love the sequins on the roof and the stamping you did – it really looks like a bird is about to enter the birdhouse! Love the colors as it makes me think spring is near (When in reality, we still have just over 2 more months to go). 🙂

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