Treat Yo Self (gift box)

Things are so wild around here this week – more than usual. The upside is, I’m cleaning out my files and realized I never posted this project that I created and adore. How could I?! Well now I am here to share – hope you enjoy.

DSC_7301 copy

With a glittered die cut at the center, I added buttons, glitter, and random do-dads to create the ultimate gift box. My base is just one of those cheap little alterable paper boxes you can pick up at any craft store. You guys – these are so much fun to make.

DSC_7316 copy

This die from Ellen Hutson (affiliate link) is just the best, and since ‘treating myself’ to it last month I can’t stop using it!

DSC_7298 copy

I’ve got spooky box coming next week, and you can also find me creating some Christmas versions next month – including a very merry video. So stay tuned – oh, and treat yo self to this die. Seriously a fun one!

don’t know the reference “Treat Yo Self?” well then you’ve not watched Parks & Rec (How could you not?!! one of the best shows out there…) so here’s a link to a YT that has the good snippets that should explain…

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