What about the Raskog?

When Ikea first peeked the beautiful aqua-licious raskog my heart raced. I couldn’t wait. I wanted it! So pretty! Before it was even in stores it became a craft community phenomenon. Ah, but here’s the question: Is it worthy? Is it worth buying?

First off, there are many copycats now. I’ve seen carts that look just like this everywhere from Cost Plus to Home Goods. So don’t get hung up on the exact Ikea original – think general rolling cart as I share my thoughts and ideas.


Currently mine has kids paper, coloring books, and the bottom holds all their stamps. This isn’t ideal – my hope is actually to use up what is currently being stored on the top two layers and replace with other items. In the past I’ve happily stored:

  •  Cardstock (top only) and patterned paper
  • Stencils (top only)
  • Stamps (unmounted/clear sheets, top only)
  • jars of ribbons/trims
  • smaller open-top containers of items
  • my general “in-box/in-progress” area
  • paper scraps
  • wood mounted stamps
  • paint and mediums

You really could put anything in here – including putting smaller containers into those levels. Personally what I love is that it is flexible. I can go big or small. Loads of things or one type of thing. Add storage into the storage or not. Also, it’s open. Which means that I don’t have drawers or lids to close. The portable aspect is really nice as well, but not usually a major factor for me.


If you are say storing your supplies in one spot in a closet? This could be a store-all. You can fit a shocking amount. I’ll be sure to update as we use up the “little kid” items and phase out the shelf contents or find new homes for them. How are other people using theirs? I went hopping around and found some great examples to share with you:

Happie Scrappie has a lot of little things stored in her two cards (the carts are quite a few photos down)

Patter goes wild with Project Life cards

LifeMadeCreations has me all hmmm about more little containers in a Raskog

Letzte inspires me with how she’s got things hanging off the cart.

5 thoughts on “What about the Raskog?”

  1. This is cool. I’m always thinking about these types of carts, they do seem to be the hot thing. I’d rather re-purpose something first, though, and we just re-arranged my girl’s room, and I got her small desk. Which I’m thrilled about. I’ll still be working on my bed, and the desk is a tight fit in our room, and everything’s still in baggies, but it’s off the floor, and II have stuff in drawers. If I had the space I’d love that cart. Maybe someday. Love t read how things are working for you. Michelle t

  2. Thanks for the post! If I had room I think I’d go for one, it would be pretty handy to have. I do have an unrelated question though please. Do you happen to remember the name and brand of the paint that you used for your craftroom? Thanks so much for your time!

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