Studio Q&A time!


It’s not “done”… in part because I still am not pleased with a few elements and in part because I think there will always be change and adjustment in here as I grow and change as a creative person. That said… it’s as close to “done” as this studio has ever been! I made quite a few tweaks and adjustments, and picked up a few things last weekend as well. I’m photographing and working on a video but I still need your help!


What I need to know is, what would you like to see? Organization? General photos? Detailed info? One quick shot like this one is good enough? Do you have a specific question? I have a hard time deciding and a lot of ideas here so any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Now Scrappy, Ranger, and I are back to preparing the children for back to school… this week!



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  1. Well…i can’t answer your question. I don’t have a craft room. My desk is my bed, and I have paper In a big box under my bed, stamps in their original packaging in 2 large plastic bags, separated by manufacturer/designer in smaller baggies, you get the idea. But, I’d really be interested in anything you wanted to show. I do like to read about organizing, figuring maybe something would apply to me. So like say, anything would be great. Love your embellishments stash! Michelle t

  2. May, I’d really like to see organization tips. I think I have just about all the organizational products our craft room can hold, but I’m always open to new ideas. Maybe to find something that could work even better! Looking forward to more from your crafty space. 🙂 ~ Andrea

  3. When i saw the picture of your craft room my 1st thoughts were, what’s in those drawers and whats that on the cart? Just plain nosy I guess, hope that helps!


  4. What I would be interested in is the concept of why you put certain things where you did, and what is your process for remembering where things are held.

  5. LOVE these photos, they are like an I spy:) Your mish-mash of storage ideas are much like the LOVELY layers in your work:)
    Sweet crafting companions too!

  6. May, I’m in the middle of a huge undo/ redo of my craft room . You wouldn’t think anything has been done to it except maybe setting off a bomb. My question would be to you is where would I even begin.. I have to many crafts that I do. Guess I answered my own question ????

  7. Wow May, the more details you share the better as far as I’m concerned! Im excited for you that you have this big project almost “done.” Yay!

  8. I love to see scrappy and Ranger, so don’t forget to have a spot for a dog bed. My little dog has his bed under my desk and sometimes he lies on the bed when it’s not full of papers and layouts!
    Id like to see all of the above you said, I know not helpful. how do you store your ink pads? I don’t have many but I seem to have to have them flat as I’ve had some leak. Thanks may.

  9. I love reading the process of how you designed and organized your new craft room. It looks lovely! I would enjoy seeing detailed photos, descriptions, organization tips, news about Scrappy and Ranger, or anything else you care to share with us. Thanks so much!

  10. Your photos show things that I might like to try, just like your videos. So I’m happy with anything!!

  11. Love your space! Datao on where to get things like the supplies bucket would be appreciated, I really like that one! Also details about how you store what is great. Love what you have done!

  12. I guess i’m greedy. I want it all. I would love photos of the room and to know what you fit where. i’m starting on the home stretch on mine. it also looks like a bomb went off. I don’t want to just stuff things away. and I have more storage than ever. i’m really struggling with how to get the most of my day to day items within arms reach of my craft desk. do you have stations? like a die cutting station for example? do you have drawers and what do you keep in them? how do you store and find all of your mixed media items. (that’s my biggest question right now. that is what is in my way) I need to find embellishments easily and close by me. I have a lot of them (I’ve been collecting for 45 years. lol yes I am 64) thanks so much for sharing

  13. I am sure in your big clean out and refit you did a major cull of crafty items. I’d love to know what went, what stayed and what you considered essential to the scrapping process.

  14. hi May, i’m just about to begin clearing my craft space to move it all into a room so that I can have a craft studio. I should love to see a video of your craft room with details on what works for you now and what you changed along the way because you found that it didn’t work as you thought it might. thanks for sharing.

  15. May, I am glad it’s finally time to show us, I want it all. An overview of the whole room, then maybe a close up of the storage spaces. Can’t wait, we have been thru this with you every step of the way. So excited to see it all now. Thanks !!!

  16. I’d love to know why you put things in certain places and what organisational solutions work for you. I’d also be interested in knowing how you decided what to purge. Thanks!

  17. Hi May!
    Room looks fabulous. What about doing a section at a time? What’s in there, and why it works for you?

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