Operation Clean Studio: Patterned Paper


Over the years I have stored my paper in MANY ways. Vertical, horizontal, inside a carrier, cupboard… the thing is paper is the base for ALL that I do, so I need it out, easy to access, and simple. Paper is my #1 pain storage wise because to have it up it has to be on a HEAVY DUTY desk/surface. A regular shelf is too delicate. This was my biggest “ARG” as I re-did my studio.

The solution was to line it up along my big dresser (aka the former diaper table picked because it would be great for crafting once babies outgrew it!) and for once I’ve got all paper in the same spot. Gotta tell you – this has worked WELL so far!

The longest standing system I have in place is the plastic magazine style holders for patterned paper. I purchased these over 10 years ago, when I was a scrapbook store manager and I still use the originals! I use these for patterned paper, divided by manufacturer.


I also have a cube-style for cardstock that I purchased at Michael’s 4+ years ago. Around that time, I also simplified (as in, stopped buying) almost all cardstock colors! I keep white, cream, straw, kraft, navy blue, a soft aqua blue, grey, 2 greens, and 1 pink. that is all I’ve purchased in the last few years, and I STILL have “other” colors of cardstock!


Oh if the need arises I will buy a single sheet for a specific project, but so far? So far I really still have all that OLD loads of colors of cardstock stash I’m working through! I’ve only had to purchase cardstock twice that wasn’t in my regular stock.

The one addition I have now is that I got a 8 1/2 x 11″ sized holder for all my specialty papers/random cardstock sheets that are that size, as well as sizeable chunks of random colors.


The other thing you see above is that my one cube has storage for bigger sticker sheets. This works well here also because all of these items need to have clear space (for me to pull things out/in) and so far, so good.

As time allows, and as I am sure I like how things are I will keep sharing the storage solutions (or long time favorites) here. Everything is somewhat settled here, but I’m still adjusting and adding so I am not ready to do a “full tour” just yet. Got questions? I love to answer! Just let me know.

7 thoughts on “Operation Clean Studio: Patterned Paper”

  1. That looks like a great system. I’m really getting some great inspiration from your re-do! Thanks for sharing it all.

  2. I use those same plastic magazine-style holders. Elfa shelving from The Container Store will hold as many full ones as you can load on. I built a closet for them. 🙂

  3. I’m trying to work my way through the stash, yet there’s always something wonderful to add. Daggone designers! I have to keep up the pace with their new designs.

  4. Love your room and that system is really smart. Love to see peeks of your cool room. Michelle t

  5. May I have the same issue with cardstock, I have tons that I have had for years in all the bright colors that I have never found a use for, I seem to stick to the kraft, white, cream, black and blues. It is so weird. It was funny to read your blog today and see that it wasn’t just me, love reading your blog.

  6. Great post, thanks May. Do you find storing patterned paper by manufacturers works well for you? I haven’t come up with a good system for patterned paper yet – but I do keep all my Basic Grey together.
    I’m with you on cardstock too – lately I’ve noticed that I’m using white, kraft and pale blue a lot so from now on I’ll just buy those colours in bulk. I have so many sheets leftover from kits that I’m working through. I even have some of the Chatterbox Bazzill still!!

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