Adventures of Scrappy & Ranger…

Scrappy Saturday will be no more.

One week ago today the girls and I went to check out a dog rescue place. The first, in fact, we’ve ever found locally that will actually talk to you and help match you to a dog that will be a good fit. No “just pick a dog and apply” – they want to meet you, talk to you, evaluate. Of course the girls wanted to go most of all to meet the lady who runs the place, see about obedience training for Scrappy (something else they do…)

I’ll be talking about the group more at a later date. Today what I want to say is that well, despite going in NOT expecting to find any dog.. all four of us girls fell in love with Ranger (yes, most especially Scrappy).


Three days later and Jason met and liked him a lot too, and now he’s home. Well actually no – he’s at the kennel because I’m on a plane to Ohio to film Scrapbook Soup! But he’s been here getting to know us for a few days now and I think he *slightly* likes it here.

This guy is such a love – but it wasn’t love at first sight. It was “oh good, I have no interest in this dog we can walk him for a bit…” turned “this is my dog I want him home right now!”


He is an Australian Cattle Dog cross, and has instantly taken to being my studio big dog, as you can see. Most of the time he’s on the floor not in his comfy bed. Or fitting into Scrappy’s tiny bed under the computer desk. But it’s a good life and he is already getting comfortable. The timing couldn’t have been worse – but hey. When a dog finds me, especially one as sweet and made for our family as Ranger, well, you listen. I’m glad the woman who has been caring for him can watch him while I go film the show – and I’m excited to get back home and to take some better photos of our new buddy.


So from now on, in this house it is “the adventures of Scrappy and Ranger…” and what adventures they’ll be. Excited to welcome this dude into our home and hearts. So beyond emotional and happy to have a big dog back under my roof after 7 long years without…

11 thoughts on “Adventures of Scrappy & Ranger…”

  1. Oh, that’s great! How awesome, May. I’m so happy for you. There is so much love in that house, and Ranger certainly got in on the deal. Enjoy your trip, cannot wait to see new episodes. Michelle t

  2. You look so happy with your new family member! Looking forward to the adventures!

  3. Yay! You have an Aussie in the house!!! Congrats on your new family member!

  4. Congratulations on your new, sweet bundle of fur! How awesome is that when you weren’t expecting to add a family member to your home?! Enjoy and thanks for sharing Ranger with us!!

  5. Commenting again to wish you a Happy Mother’s Day and a great trip. Michelle t

  6. Yay! Sorry I missed this when it actually happened but, when I saw the reference to Ranger on a recent post, I had to go back through until i found the full story. good on the whole lot of you!

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