Scrappy Saturday: The empty room

I’m so off… I thought today was Saturday and posted this. WHOOOOPS! Ah well, enjoy a peek + the return of scrappy…


So many tiny buttons and treasures! Such room to roam! Scrappy the dog checks out the EMPTY studio and is confused but also slightly delighted by the new play space.

When I decided it was floors time, I also decided I would be rethinking every single thing from ink storage to where I put stuff. I took out the TV that had been on the wall for at least 10 years and for the first time since 2002- this room is truly empty and I will work it over completely.

Big project guys – BIG project.


Here you see Miss E, a view of the wild purple multi-color closet (more on that some other time), and a shelf up high that looks messy but isn’t!!! It is carefully controlled chaos to allow me to use that shelf as a holding spot since 100% of things have to be off the ground in here.

Note that the paint colors are going to look different in EVERY photo because time of day and lighting greatly change things. Which is why I picked these colors: they look great in all lights!

8 thoughts on “Scrappy Saturday: The empty room”

  1. Wow, May, looks like you’ve been ultra-busy! Hope all is going well with your craft room redo. Glad you don’t have to do the flooring job yourself. That would be a big job. Looking forward to seeing more pics of the transformation!

  2. Great colors! Awesome. Love! Good luck with it. I’m looking forward to seeing more, too. Michelle t

  3. Guess what – it is Saturday here! Scrappy has grown!
    I really love the paint colours you chose.
    Miss E looks a bit confused as well – wondering where all her stuff has gone??!!
    Can’t wait to see floors!

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