Insta-makeovers with Hazel & Ruby Home Décor Washi

Hey guys, so as I type this the studio is EMPTY and ready for paint + new floors. EEEEEEEEEEK! Oh but don’t worry – I can still get crafty! Today I want to share the nearly instant “make-overs” I’ve been doing with just a bit of handy new Hazel & Ruby Washi Tape! This stuff is making it fun to have empty shelves…

Roll it onto shelves (in this photo a bookcase) and instant re-do!


My favorite though – light fixtures!


1. Place the washi (sticky side up) on a smooth flat surface, then set the plate face down. This will help it be nice and smooth! Step 2 – wrap 2 sides and then cut away excess at the corners. Step 3 Fold those last two corners of washi over. Finally cut holes/cut away excess so you can screw it back into the wall! You want the excess to be all folded to the back because this will make it so the washi sticks (otherwise it could lose grip/flip up) and can’t come loose.


Washi mania! This is so fun – but I think having my space re-done and being able to craft again will be even better. Stay tuned for more quick ideas like this as I’m “evicted” from the room, and also of course organizing tips, ideas, and more as I work my way through this process.

Hazel & Ruby Washi Décor tapes are available now at many stores, including and

8 thoughts on “Insta-makeovers with Hazel & Ruby Home Décor Washi”

  1. Oh! How pretty! I’d love to see it when it is done. I look at my space and think, “Hmm, I can get to the doors and there is a little desk space to work. I’m golden. LOL!”

  2. Cool, May. Neat stuff. Bet you’re excited about the craft room. Awesome. Can’t wait to see a tour of the room video! Michelle t

  3. i see bookcases with wallpaper or fabric in the back and think that it’s a great idea but too much work. This is really do-able! Great idea to make the plastic switch plates disappear, too.

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