Art Journaling: on the path and exploring…

It’s Friday the 13th tomorrow so shall we talk about something scary?! hee hee

Sharing my personal art journal pages isn’t something I do often. In fact… I would say that it is something like 1% ever have been seen by anyone but me! Keeping that private and just for myself was always a big part of the allure. Total freedom, no possibility for judgment, and absolutely no worries. Doodles or paint, a random list, technique, it doesn’t matter in my space. It’s all accepted and it is all wonderful. Quite honestly? It is how I do what I do.

So the choice to create a class based around my personal art journal process and system wasn’t done lightly. In fact I went back and forth for a long time about it but ultimately decided if I could help even one person break free of expectations and rules that it’d be worth it.

into woods may flaum copy

This class is now (nearly) completed – meaning all the prompts, PDF files, and many hours of video are completed on my end and all will be accessible as of February 18. If you’d like to sign up and take this as a self-paced course you’re welcome to here.

The page you see above is maybe 1/2 done and the final project of class. I love the visual of walking into a dark ‘scary’ unknown and seeing what you’ll find.

I’m still learning, improving, growing… but aren’t we always?

When you see my pages from my art journal some are more successful or polished than others. Doesn’t make them better. It is just how it works out sometimes because I strongly believe that it should be a place for raw creativity. No pressure no rules at all. It should not be a place where you ever have to be concerned about finishing, making it pretty, or what anyone else might think or say about it.

I find more wild ideas and new inspiration by just taking pressure off and wandering in my journal… I hope to have the courage to share more here in this public space in future. In the meantime I keep on exploring and walking down this path…

4 thoughts on “Art Journaling: on the path and exploring…”

  1. This is so beautiful. I don’t have any more words for it, that this is just lovely. You are an inspiration. To overcome your fears and continue to put it out there and share is so inspiring, very meaningful. And on top of a lot that, you’re talented too. Love this, love this class, love everything you do. You’re the best. Michelle t

  2. Amazing page … now you can add painting and sketching to your long list of talents. I’ve been enjoying all the prompts in class but haven’t had a chance to actually do any art journaling. Hoping maybe this weekend and next week I will get time (Chinese New Year here in HK so no school/work)

  3. If you’re reading this because you’re at all thinking of taking this class, by all means do it!

    I’m not a prolific class taker but took a leap and joined this one. We are three-fourths through the class and it is amazing what May will bring out in you.

    Awesome class 🙂

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