2015 has a new scrapbook…


I added some 2015 number stickers (next to the heart)… but this is it. My 2015 album. It’s an American Crafts D-ring as usual (Amy Tangerine line this time), and today I also made the first page for this album. You’ll see that Friday.

Why is it noteworthy?

This is the first year I’ve begun scrapbooking and did so with the first page I want in the dedicated album. It’s also a big step for me to have an album ready and waiting for pages vs pages waiting for albums. This is GOOD stuff people.

Finally, it’s noteworthy because I took 3 months off from scrapbooking.

Yeah, you read that right. I usually take about a 6 week break around the holidays if I can (it helps me refresh/refocus/etc to switch gears) but this year it was WAYY longer than normal for a few reasons. I’ve been trying for almost a month to make a page but I never could make it happen – so when I had the photos + was inspired to tell a story in this brand new shiny album well – it was a match made in heaven.

When someone tells me they take a scrapbooking break or feel bad they haven’t been crafting – I always think of it like this: maybe I was just redirecting my attention elsewhere. I was being creative and making stuff- just not “layouts” and that is 100% ok, because it’s all good.

Oh yeah, but it’s darn good to be back playing with photos + stories…

5 thoughts on “2015 has a new scrapbook…”

  1. I am so looking forward to you scrapping again…my family loves cards and such but the pages are what they look forward to receiving. It is the memory keeping that inspires me and their smiles are my reward.

  2. I didn’t realise it had been 3 months since you scrapped! Because you are always up to something creative I hadn’t notice that it wasn’t LOs you were posting. Really great idea to have an album ready and waiting to go

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