CHA 2015: Tim Holtz Ideaology

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If I were giving out awards to most photogenic booth, it would (no contest) go to the Tim Holtz Ideaology booth. There is such a perfect balance here of color and texture, detail and simplicity that let the products shine and the samples put me in awe. Truly the best designed booth at the show – and one I think you’re going to enjoy the photos of!

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Now it’s not just a pretty booth – it is full of new items from Mr. Holtz and I found many treasures that simply must come join me…

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Little vintage jars? Yes please! Also on display some colored versions of Tim’s new white roses (YAY!) as well as the already available previous releases of stars and gumdrops – both absolute favorites and heavily used items in my stash.

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The project samples in this booth were over the top outstanding (as always), and I was really inspired to think more off the flat paper and to get more dimensional.

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The new paper line this time around is a travel inspired one. While it is true there is nothing new about travel (it has been a staple theme in scrapbooking always), Tim puts a good twist on things with his airmail creams/blues/reds that will make this incredibly useful not just for vacations, but also for any type of paper crafts subject. The colors and patterns will be very complimentary as the base for scrapbook layouts or anything else you please.

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While I wish these were kraft (vs white + black)… I still adore and will need lots of these stickers. I can’t tell you how valuable the existing chit-chat sticker sets are to my crafting, and I’ve been wishing for more. I think when I actually go to use them I’ll find myself warming up to the black word strips. The contrast in color should be really good.

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Another product favorite are these salvaged dolls. They are creepy to me (I have such issues with old dolls… don’t even get me started) in a wonderful way. I can’t wait to make one be ghostly in a Halloween project or use one in some other way. Is that weird of me? Perhaps, but I think they’re fantastic!

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I loved the military/patriotic angle that the new travel line can take – this project reminded me to not judge a product by its theme!

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speaking of love – the new frame with binder rings? BRILLIANT! From décor to a mini-book type project this was my favorite item to see. It’s new, I’ve not seen anything else quite like it. It’s useful. I could paint or alter the metal color. It’d make a great gift or fun home display for any holiday or just because. I’m in!

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A few more notable favorites include the charms and the pocket cards (bottom left)


Tim also has some great new trims, tapes, and more. Once again he’s proven that he can keep coming up with fresh new ideas while staying true to his signature style. Gotta love that – and huge shout out to those who made this just the most lovely booth that I wanted to move into!

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Note: These products should begin shipping to stores next month, with just a few things (like my beloved frame) coming in March

11 thoughts on “CHA 2015: Tim Holtz Ideaology”

  1. While I have only ever seen photos, the Tim Holtz booth always looks like a dream. One that keeps me wanting to see more of everything. That desk, are you kidding me, it’s fanfreakintastic. And that’s before you even get to the product that looks so at home.

    My lil B would agree on the dolls. She wanted an American Girl, until she found out they blink. Lol.

  2. Thanks for the great tour of CHA favorites, May! It looks awesome from the photos, and your feedback on what you saw is great.

  3. “I found many treasures that simply must come join me…” I LOVE how you put that. Yeah…me, too!

  4. I too found those dolls just a tad creepy. 🙂 And the frame is on my MUST HAVE list.

  5. Oh my! Where to start my wish list?! OOOOH. I know…..that awesome frame and new chit-chats and the list goes on. Thanks (I think) for showing us all the new goodies. Well, except for the creepy dolls. Dolls and clowns are not welcome at my house. LOL!

  6. mr Holtz always comes up with great and interesting stuff that is attractive to scrappers, card makers and altered art makers

  7. Can I move in too? Fabulous post……sorry while I wipe the drool off my chin. And here I thought I was going to use up my stash and not buy anything new this year. Silly me. thank you!

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