Hello, December.

Last December I had a brand new website. I also had a very shockingly and suddenly angry gall bladder and was awaiting surgery. A surgery I would wait 3 weeks for. I was on a NO fat/fun/exceptions diet. Drinking baby food smoothies and eating mostly rice, veggies, and broth. Oh, what a blast that was. NOT!¬†That is what I remembered as I was thinking about last year…

Then I visited the “December Daily” style journal that I made while spending the month in bed or on the couch.

huh. So… there was a lot of joy. good. happy. fabulous even. Guess what? I got all that captured too, right in this book.


Pretty dang cool. I opened the journal and thought… well. Guess there was a lot more joy and merry making then I remember. How awesome is that?

Thank you to scrapbookers like Shimelle who make finding the sparkle and joy a true art form (you can join in her Journal Your Christmas class here).  Thank you to Ali Edwards for all she does sharing her daily inspiration, for making documenting the little details and stories behind the everyday things a true movement.

Today I am happily sponsoring Ali’s blog, and if you feel like heading over there you can find a special discount code on all my classes (including 2015 pre-registrations!) as my way of saying thank you and happy holidays!

2 thoughts on “Hello, December.”

  1. Hi, May. Wow that was terrible for you, I’m sorry. I had started coming around here well after Christmas, but I knew you had gone through some serious health issues. I’m happy that you were able to document your Christmas season, and how meaningful it is to look back. I had a serious rocky time involving the hospital a couple weeks ago and there’s a lot more to it, but I’ve really been shaken, and am having a hard time getting into the spirit of the season. But as much as I want to do a December Daily, I can’t see it happening. I don’t have a huge stash, etc…a little fear about undertaking a huge (to me) project, list goes on. But this shows me the benefits this can give me. Thanks. Can’t say for sure, but maybe…Thanks. Michelle t

  2. That photo of you in the book looks so sad.
    We think Conor is having gall bladder issues so I empathasize with you.

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