new scrapbook soup episode…


True story: I made 14 versions of this project (with the word being focus of technique/project) over 2 weeks and it wasn’t until an HOUR before I had to leave for the airport to film this episode that I finally was finished with this version. Which I ADORE! I guess sometimes deadline pressure works!


Don’t get me wrong – I had several “ok” projects but nothing like this. Love how it turned out and now you can watch the episode it was made for online.

408 Words and Lettering
Words and lettering can add an interesting element to your scrapbooking. First, May Flaum creates a canvas with a  stamped bird and word cut outs. Next, Julie has some tips for hand lettering. Then, Dina Wakley demonstrates paint and  ink techniques using a stencil with gesso and pattern resist. Julie has a last tip for embellishing and using letter stickers.

Check it all out at!

4 thoughts on “new scrapbook soup episode…”

  1. Oh, this is just beautiful, May. I am very fond of it. I love all you do, you are just super that talented, but this so speaks to me in a way I can’t explain. Other than its beautiful. I am excited to see the episode as well, Julie working on handwriting, big interest of mine, getting a peek at your techniques, absolutely. Win all the way. Thanks for sharing your so pretty project. Big time love. Not sure I got my message across well enough, big time LOVE. Michelle t

  2. I love this stunning mixed media piece. It is the soulful bird that really draws me in. It was fun to see you, the “no rules crafter” creating your magic on the Scrapbook Soup show. Thank you for inspiring me.

  3. I have that same watercolour set as you!!! You and Julie have such great chemistry together. And you two make the Scan n Cut even more tempting. The canvas is adorable

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