This isn’t what I asked for…

This is a true, honest story. One that has been about 5 weeks in the making now that I’m ready to share.

I love dogs. Always have, always will.

I believe 100% in rescuing a dog unless you are competing in dog shows and therefore require a dog with a pedigree.

I believe that dogs find me. It has happened like magic each time, and the only times I’ve tried to research, find, or adopt a dog myself it ends in bitter disaster.

So I’m a dog loving girl, a person who had to put her best doggie friend Jake down five years and one month ago after a very sudden and unexpected illness at a young age as well.

I’m a girl without a dog.

A girl who hopes a large, male, adolescent or young adult dog is going to show up some day…


I am not a girl looking for a 3lb female puppy that is maybe 6-8weeks old.

I am also not someone who is going to say no to said tiny abandoned puppy – who was dumped off as unwanted at my husband’s fire station. The guys called around trying to see if someone would take her so they didn’t have to take her to the pound. My girls had just left for camp – I had the house to myself.

Could I just give her a try and maybe a temporary home?

She cried any time I didn’t hold her.

She annoyed the heck out of me and reminded me why I’ve never wanted a young pup.

I refused to give her a name.

I had to sleep on the floor next to the open crate. Take her out constantly.

Did I mention the whining? Or the howling?

I questioned the idea of this. Then I remembered the rule: dogs find me. This one certainly had. I kept at it.


I got and read Caesar Milan’s book on puppy raising. It made everything so simple and clear.

We worked together.

We COULD do this.

The girls came home and sobbed with delight upon discovering that a puppy had moved in. They named her “scrappy”

Also known as scrap-a-licious, scrappy doodle dandy, scrap-a-saurus, scrapeeze, and scrapa-lapa-doo

Then she started to get comfortable. Relax.

Made herself right at home as one of the family and decide sleeping in a crate overnight by herself was no big thing.

Started being great to go on walks with and stopped needing to go potty constantly.


She figured out being a quiet puppy got all of my attention and affection and that whining only got ignored.

Little miss Scrappy found the crack in my armor. Wedged her way in. Made herself one of the family.

Welcome, tiny pup. Who, oh yes, is already more than doubled in size in the almost five weeks that we’ve had her.

No, we don’t know what she is and neither do the vets. We also don’t give a crap- especially since it is impossible to say for sure. She is adorable yes – but I simply don’t care ugly or pretty. I’m all about personality with my dogs. She must have sensed me being less than impressed with her adorable perfection because last week? She managed to break a bone in her leg (by paw) and is on full restriction to laps or in crate.

Let me tell you how much fun THAT is.

Oh, and let me tell you how pain filled it is to return to the place you had to put down the best dog whom ever lived with your new puppy. Painful experience doesn’t begin to describe returning to that hospital.

That’s another story for another place and time.


For now, well, this is me saying that once again I don’t often get what I ask for.

But somehow, by remaining just a bit flexible, I get exactly what I need.

And a reminder that rescue dogs, quite simply, are the best.

35 thoughts on “This isn’t what I asked for…”

  1. Although I’m a cat person, I feel the exact same way. All but one of my furballs found their way to me and I wasn’t always thrilled about it at first. But I came to realize that what you thing you want isn’t always what you need and what you think you don’t want, sometimes is exactly what you need. Congrats on the new fur baby and prayers for a speedy recovery.

  2. I wish a female pup about 6-8 weeks would find me!! That’s just what I would want, she’s adorable. Hope to see some doggy scrapbook pages soon?


  3. That’s life May – for better or worse she is now yours !! Does she have a name?

  4. congratulations on the new addition to the family…….she is beautiful.

  5. I’m so impressed with your dog story. My husband and I have raised two of the wildest puppies turned best dogs ever. We always say it’s a good thing puppies are so cute, otherwise you’d give them back. 🙂 It’s so much fun to see their personalities develop. Hopefully, she’s be out of her cone head thing soon!

  6. We have 3 rescue dogs … color us nuts … but you are sooo right, personality is everything and the joy, love and togetherness they provide is overwhelmingly wonderful. CONGRATS!!! The pup will be an adult before you know, and those pictures … adorable! Really appreciated your story, beautifully told … big smiles!

  7. Congratulations, May, on your new family member! I hope her break will heal quickly & well. Loved reading your heartfelt story. I fairly believe that Rescue is the way to go and I am glad you support that as well.

  8. Oh, May! Thank you for posting your story…..absolutely love that you were adopted by this cute little puppy. Clearly she has stolen your heart. And yes, things always work out for a reason. Last year we lost the love of our lives at 7.5 yrs, way too soon, from cancer. Fast forward 5 months, I broke my collar bone and very immobile for months. A friend of ours decided we needed a 3.5 month old puppy. Wrong! She was a chewing, biting (think hanging off my pant legs), demanding machine……sort of like Scrappy. Days were spent playing, napping, watching movies (as could not work on my scrapbooks) and taking lots of photos. Needless to say, we have fallen in love with this sweet little gal; she has grown up so much in the last 10 months. Scrappy will bring so much to all your lives! Congratulations on your new fur baby.

  9. I’m sorry for all you went through. Very touching. Your generosity as a scrapper/blogger/teacher has taught me a little lesson about being open and sharing ourselves, too. Thank you for that. Michelle t

  10. May this is exactly what happened to me. Maybe a bit different. Lol we had a beautiful doxie named Spark. He was aging. After he passed we said no more dogs! No more pain of putting them down when they are too ill to go on. NO MORE! That’s it! Then I was driving to the mall. I saw a lot of people by Pet Smart. A Pet adoption from a Lost dog rescue league. Don’t park, don’t park! My car drove itself into the parking lot. I found myself walking towards this one white little dog. Calm, sweet, got along with everyone. No, no, no, it’s a Jack. Russell. A couch potato! No way! I send my husband a picture. Put it back he says. I called and said you must see this dog. He arrives and says, you are right. She has the personally of a previous dog we owned that he loved. House broken? Check. Great behavior? Any issues? None? Check. Two week trial period. Ok if we don’t get along she goes back. Turns out she was dropped off at a kill shelter in West Virginia. She was going to be euthanized. The Rescue League found her. I think she found me as I was drawn in by her. It was a sign she found me. She’s four years old, we think and the sweetest angel. She needs work but the rewards are so much more. Moral of the story, you are right, animals FIND you. I didn’t go looking for her. She found me. Eva has a home. Eva D’va has a home. As Scrappy does. You are lucky to have her and she has you. What greater love can animal give? Licks and love!

  11. Miss Scrappy stole your heart, didn’t she? I can see why. She’s adorable!
    I am so jealous! My kids have dogs and when they moved out they took the dogs with them. I miss the pups!
    Scrappy reminds me of our Foster when he was a puppy. He looked very, very similar. Now that he’s grown, he looks like this….
    Maybe a puppy will find me too someday. 🙂 Until then, keep posting the puppy updates. They’re so sweet!

  12. She is adorable May, I love seeing her pics on Instagram, I too am a dog girl, I’ve only ever lived 3 years & 4 months of my life without a furry friend by my side (I’m 34). I lost my black lab Asha in 2012 & Bailey the Red Retriever joined us in 2013, life’s just not the same without a doggie. I hope Scrappy’s paw gets better soon and she’s back to her puppy best.
    Claire xx

  13. What a completely sweet story! I can feel your heartache and joy; and thank you for sharing it. She looks so sweet and adorable, I too would find it hard to turn away. So happy she found you and a wonderful home!

  14. Sweet, sweet puppy. It will grow and fill in that hole in your heart. Thanks for sharing. I hope to see more as this little one grows.

  15. How wonderful for both of you!
    She needs you and you have
    found you need her! Wonderful!
    Carla from Utah

  16. Oh my she’s soooooo cute!! It would be super hard for me not to take her in and I haven’t had a dog since our beloved dog passed many years ago. And don’t ever want another dog. Thank you for your heart warming story May.

  17. Oh May, what a beautiful story about your little girl finding you, and your family to love her.

  18. Well you made me cry lol. She is so pretty and sweet looking. I once had a cat literally show up in my house. I was sitting at my table playing solitaire, I heard a meow, kind of looked down and saw black, I had a black cat, this wasnt surprising, then I had to do a double take because I realized I had also saw a white spot on her chest. My cat was solid black. This cat was just sitting by my chair, just staring at me. She moved in and never left. I am still not sure how in the world she got into my house. I named her Spot.

  19. Bless you May and your family for opening your hearts and home to a puppy in need. Like it was meant to be! Enjoy

  20. What a beautiful puppy — and a beautiful story! We rescued a lab at age 7. No one wanted an “old dog”. She was the perfect pet and lived to 15 years old!! I think they know they are getting a second chance on life and live longer. Thanks for sharing your story, May!

  21. We once rescued an old, mangy, beat-up, half-starved dog. I thought we could give him a safe place to finish out his last days. Turns out what I thought were cataracts were scars and he loved us for over eight years. Best of luck with you new addition!

  22. She’s beautiful! I don’t care about pedigree’s either; my best dogs have been mutt’s. Congrats on the new family addition 🙂

  23. We love this post so much. It’s so amazing when a pup finds it’s way into our homes and hearts. It’s great that you were able to see that she was meant for you! xo, Jenny & Aaron

  24. Love the honesty. Can hear the love through all the frustration. She is a cutey.

  25. May, I love your story of you and Miss Scrappy. May you have many wonderful years together.

    ps. Cesar sets it all out and makes it simple.


  26. Oh the sweet look of this adorable puppy. How wonderful you found each other! We have a rescue beagle and she is the most loving dog ever. They seem to know you are there for them and the love in return is unconditional. So happy for you.

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