Creative Challenge: Frozen party

I owe Elizabeth one HECK of a birthday party this year. Well ok I don’t see it as an obligation or technically “owe” her anything other than a safe place to live and food, etc… but really. Last year she skipped having any kind of friends celebration to get front row + meet  & greet tickets for Victoria Justice (aka her fave TV show star at the time). A fair trade – one that ended in heartbreak as she cancelled her tour. Months after E’s birthday when it was too late to have a party.

ANYHOW! Since she didn’t have a party last year and her big gift/party event was cancelled I want to make this super good.

Here’s the challenge: All things “Frozen” (her chosen theme) are sold out and/or currently held by money grubbing fiends who are charging things like $8 for a sticker sheet. A STICKER SHEET! I’ve seen plates (normally something like $3) selling for $40. I’ve seen tiny plastic toys that were under $10 before Christmas going for $50+ now. INSANITY people.


Ok then. So… what do I do now?!

How will I make this “themed” party without any themed things?


Well first of all I did have themed invites (purchased months ago on a whim – thank goodness!), I also have a coloring book (can rip out pages for girls to have themed activity), and I scored a couple toys at Target too.

Not enough to make it an amazing party – but it is a start. Instead of stress (or worse, spend thousands buying hard to find stuff!) I’m looking at images like those here from Disney’s site. I’m thinking in terms of in general, what would give me the general feel?

Things like flowers with swirly vines, snowflakes, sparkly jewels, and the idea of a duel-look party (Anna & Elsa are so different, after all)… I am making a color palette and working on finding solid color items too. There will be a lot of cutting of snowflakes, banners, etc. from my beloved and trusty ScanNCut machine.

I will also think about impact and the big overall look of the party. Crepe paper is cheap and simple. It also gives a bigger WOW factor than some tiny expensive decoration. Big rolls of paper or huge poster boards can be painted, cut, and decorated for scenery (yes, I’m thinking about making a HUGE castle… wish me luck).

In other words, with some elbow grease, planning, and some time I should be able to pull this off.

If ever there was a time to put my crafty muscles to the test – this would be it.

Whether a small card or full scale album project, party or gift DIY – I love a good creative challenge. Do you have any creative challenge success stories? I’d love to hear about it!!

In the meantime I’m off to make some lists and plan…

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  1. Isn’t it crazy how much the price of things go up after Xmas?? CRAZY!

    My daughter was (and still is!) crazy about Strawberry Shortcake…but I was not willing to pay obscene prices for decorations and such. So, I checked the web. And I found this:
    Lots of ideas there…
    Maybe pull the colors of the movie, and start with that? i am sure, no, I am confident that it will turn out great!

  2. If anyone can do this it’s you. Funny I owe my daughter big time this yr too, for a different reason, but I have til August. Michelle t

  3. My friend is trying to create a Frozen party as well. Lots of inspiration in Pinterest. I love the blue rock candy as ice. Good luck! I am sure you are going to come up with something amazing.

  4. Just seen some silver doilies listed as ‘frozen’ party accessories you might find them in stores without spending too much.


  5. We also love Frozen! I am sure whatever you will do will be fabulous! I saw cut files with princesses and other characters that looked like characters from Frozen. I can not remember the name of the website now. If you want I should be able to find it.

  6. that’s terrible – people hoarding the stuff to make a buck! I did see a really cute idea on pinterest – put in Olaf Wanna build a snowman or Olaf Want to build a snowman – there are free printables and cute marshmellow treat bags…. I am sure online you can find a bunch a free stuff that you could use to make the party magical! I am 50 and I loved the movie!

  7. ideas,,,,
    ok. I would buy white, ice blue and silver table stuff at the party store and a clear colorless table cloth, also the little mugs that you can put pictures in. I would download and print pics from the internet–there are tons of them.. I would put the white nd blue table cloths on and put the pictures on them then the clear tablecloth over them.. the pictures in the mugs… I would buy white and silver streamers to have hanging to give the icy feel..maybe you can snag some christmas tree tinsel or icicles? .. I would have a ball with this theme.
    I would make white mini cupcakes for the gals to decorate with white frosting and get the Wilton sugar crystals in white, blue, silver and clear..and sixlets is white…oh this would be FUN!!! who need pre made stuff??

  8. What about making some olafs?

    Or you can make ice structures with marshmallows and toothpicks.

    What about making rock candy aka ice crystals?

  9. Well, i dont know how you feel about borrowing images since this is strictly for personal use but a silhouette, plus some “borrowed images” and I imagine you can do a few things i am sure. OR as the ladies suggested above and include a real princess (frozen princess of coarse, and i have not seen the movie so i cant tell you what the frozen characters name is)! Ask a friend or hire an actress to dress up as the character!

  10. Hi May I was looking for frozen Bday supplies as well I sent you an email wasn’t sure if you would get so posting here. I just bought some things from this website, not sure when the party is but it says items will be in soon.

    You will make it great either way.

  11. You are one clever and creative woman, May! Your ideas sound fabulous–and it looks like your blogger friends have offered lots of helpful ideas too. I think your approach of going for big impact with inexpensive supplies is tops. Love the idea of creating a whole scene that the girls enter as soon as they walk in the door! A whole castle maybe, but even entering the party through a castle “door” would be fun, and your decorated home becomes the “castle”! Good planning will be key, but keep it manageable too (that’s MY issue! : )! Who needs the industry hype?! Your daughter’s party will be unique and awesome because it’s her Mom’s creation! (A friend gave me a fiftieth BD party and as we approached her house, a huge fabric banner was waving from the second floor deck. She had made it for a family party and used it for other celebrations)!

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