Every small step.

Step 2: Start acting.

You always hear people saying how their diet starts Monday, how next week ____ is going to happen. That ‘next time’ it will be different.

But the real key, the kicker and the hard part, is that it has to start now. Immediately.

This might mean staying up an extra hour or two to clear out your email inbox (check!)

It might mean stopping for five minutes to clean up the mess on the table from a month ago (check!)

It might mean that you don’t scrapbook unless you are really feeling the story, no matter what (check, and check!)


Don’t think about the big plan. The overall scheme of things. Don’t look at the whole list. Just take one little item and give it a check. Then look at the next little item.

The mistake people (myself included!) make is trying to look at the whole grand plan. It is more productive, more successful to simply look at one tiny thing at a time. The steps will lead you to a good place- if only you take them.

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10 thoughts on “Every small step.”

  1. I love it! Thanks, I so needed this reminder. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. I need to focus on those little things.

  2. Thanks, May! After reading your blog yesterday, I decided to sit down and work on PL for 2013. Just looking at photos, cropping, editing and printing them, I managed to get 4 weeks in October “on the books”. And today, you nailed it again: sure, I haven’t finished my December Daily, or the Disneyland scrapbook I started, or the 2010 “Great Adventure” we took, but I am one step closer today than I was yesterday morning. And sure enough, things look differently to me: I have scrapped MOST of last year; I am on December 24th, and the Disneyland photos are printed and in the album. I am going to give myself at least an hour a day to go into my studio and do whatever sounds like fun!

  3. This ties in so well with something another blog I follow has been saying. They wrote that instead of having a huge ‘to do’ list and getting overwhelmed just focus on 3 things to do each day. I have been doing this and am finding I actually am making huge progress by NOT focussing on everything I need to do but just 3 things each day. And sometimes my three things is actually one big thing broken into smaller chunks. Love your post.

  4. So, so true! in fact I recently put this into action when I started the 5:2 fasting diet. I could have waited until I’d finished reading the book to start (I still haven’t finished the book) but I started and have already lost weight!

  5. Amen. I just wrote a blog post about this myself! It’s a hard thing to look at the trees when the forest itself is so pretty and fun, but you have to start with the trees! (or maybe even the saplings… :))

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