Craft With May

First of all, I had this idea about three years ago that I wanted to do some different on-line classes from my usual workshops. Smaller, little different format, etc. So I bought myself a domain name that I liked and kept saying “soon”.


Then in January I started thinking logistics. design. how to make it happen. I thought I had it all sorted out this spring/summer.

Then I learned a lot of hard lessons. Like… website DESIGN is not website BUILDING. Also design does not = function/capable. Also: nobody will tell you what programs/plug-ins/set-up they use because: secrets. Then I had to figure out how to make the SIMPLE website I wanted work.

Reminder: Simple does not = easy

Through a surgery (my husband’s), soccer coaching, girl scouts, school, other work, and so much more though I kept trying. Kept testing. Kept at it and didn’t give up or wash my hands of the crazy idea.

I’m down to ONE bug. That bug is that when you’re logged in (and have purchased classes) your classes don’t show up on your account page. THEY SHOULD. THEY WILL. But they don’t. It only works for me and nobody else.  You’ve got to use direct links for the moment – so you can still get to the content it is just a bit different.

So know what? Today is 11/12/13. Pretty cool date. I’ve decided it is LAUNCH time. I have someone helping me to figure out the why of that one little snafu. In the meantime – let’s do this thing called

If you read my blog via email, blog reader, etc- it will stay right here. The blog isn’t moving. Having my blog + classes website rolled into one site hurt my head so deeply I refused. Just leave it here, separate, etc.


Let me take a moment to say THANK YOU.

To everyone who supported me and encouraged me.

To the site testers who had all kinds of valuable feedback that helped me fine-tune a whole lot of things

To the technically able people who didn’t laugh or mock me, but helped me through and made me feel capable and helped me accomplish what I needed.

To anyone who has ever taken one of my on-line classes. I hope you enjoy these new classes just as much.

To my friends who listened to me text/call/rant/cry/rage/stress over this whole thing.

To you, dear blog reader, for reading this far into this post and having an interest!



New classes will get added on a regular basis. Classes will be self paced. Also, classes will be set at a special low (guaranteed low price!) to start with while I add lessons and content. Once I’m done adding? Classes will increase to higher set price. So in other words – those who buy early, who sign up asap will always save the most no matter what. There may be discount coupons later down the road, but the early birds will always get the best price!

stencilsaa copy


To celebrate the launch of this website – and because the date is the 12th I’ve marked my two initial classes down to just $12!! This price will go up on Friday the 15th to $14, and the price will once again go up to $18 once the class materials are all added to the classrooms (around Dec 1).

Want to see a peek of what is in store and what the classrooms will look like? I’m working on a project video + photos that will be shared later this week on a classroom page (that will be open/visible to everyone).

Now I need to RUN and go film some videos, fix some photos, and add some more instructions!! The site may now be public – but there is a lot more for me to do! I’m so very excited to share this with you all – I hope you enjoy!!

19 thoughts on “Craft With May”

  1. Fabulous! So very proud of you for persevering through this challenge. Looks great from where I’m sitting. Thank You!

  2. This is exciting news! I’m all signed up for the Holiday craft class and am looking forward to sitting down with a cup of tea and watching the videos. Thanks for all of your hard work!

  3. Congratulations! I just checked out your new site, and I love the layout and feel of it. I am way to busy to take on more Christmas projects, but I can’t wait to see future classes on scrapbooking and cardmarking in general.

  4. I ALWAYS love what you do May.
    You are inspirational and I know this will be successful for you!

  5. hmmm… I need more info on what you mean by “did not work” – what happened? I ask because I’ve had people (even after you posted this comment) register for both without issue… so it is working in general. Would be happy to help you work out what isn’t working for you!


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