LaLaLoopsy party: crafty fun & details

So a few weeks back I showed a peek at Rebecca’s party – now I’m back with all the photos!


Rebecca and I talked colors, ideas (stitching, buttons, etc) and we looked for solutions to our party needs. Colored paper plates, cardstock cut out in cloud-like shapes, curling ribbon – we went wild making stuff ourselves and customizing her party space.


My ScanNCut machine helped me TREMENDOUSLY as I was very short on time and had big plans. I cut all of the flowers and the letters for her banner, as well as the circles for the goodie bags out using that machine in just a few minutes.

Even better?  I was able to create all this on my dining room floor and cut + stick onto the wall as I went so I could really see how much I needed, how big, and how much more. LOVED using the “secret machine” (as the girls were calling it at that time) for this.


Other details to note…

I grabbed a few of these and a handful of those as far as desert went – and it worked out great! The girls each picked a treat or two and the variety made it seem like there were tons more goodies than there actually was.


Activities… we planned this whole party around the la la loopsy girls and their button eyes. So basically… I dumped a ton of buttons + sequins + fun stuff on the table and let the girls craft the day away!


The response? VERY positive! I had cheap wood frames for them to decorate (I coated in liquid adhesive then they applied stuff), coloring pages, chipboard shapes to decorate – loads of options.


Bonus? the table looked fun!


We also had a photo booth and a play area set up with the girls toys. There were some themed/purchased decorations but mostly just me + cardstock + crepe paper. I LOVE crepe paper. Just a few bucks and you can transform a room!


The photo booth area was a HUGE hit. I used a white sheet over our ottomans for the seat and the girls loved posing + smiling for the camera.


This party was fast, way less expensive than a bounce house/gymnastics/not in my home party, and the girls all had a BLAST. Overall it was an amazing first “School friends” party for Miss Rebecca – one that won’t soon be forgotten.



I’m so glad to be able to finally share more photos of this party that features the ScanNCut machine!

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I am a paid consultant for Brother International Corporation and have received a ScanNCut from Brother to evaluate. However, the opinions expressed are entirely my own and based on my use of the product.

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  1. WOW!!! That is so fun!!! Love the ideas—especially Lalaloopsy! DD will love this for her birthday!

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