That time we were food network stars…

Ok “stars” is stretching it…


but the girls and I were on about seven times (just glimpses) on Food Network’s Food Truck Race show. Seeing us up on TV as a part of the show/experience? Pretty cool. I talked about the experience of being there or filming a few months ago (post is here) – it was very cool to see how it translated into the show, to see ourselves including Becca’s hot dog eating in the opening minute, and of course to get the details on why things were the way they were (including trucks pulling in about every 15min…).

Now to live with these girls who feel they are now “famous” from the moments they were on the screen. Oh, and more importantly, to scrapbook the experience!! Now that I know we made I onto the show the story is ready to be told…

6 thoughts on “That time we were food network stars…”

  1. How cool! I imagine your TV star daughters now plan to lead a glam life. Well, at least for as long as they can keep others interested in their awesomeness. Then it will continue to be a really fun memory kept alive by your awesome layouts.

  2. Such a cool experience and memory together! Will look forward to seeing some layouts from the experience!

  3. Hi May, I actually caught one of the glimpses. It was so fun to shout “There’s May!” to my husband. What a cool thing for you and the girls.

  4. What an incredible moment in ya’lls lives! How exciting! Can’t wait to see all the pages! Good Luck living with two Diva Stars!

  5. That is so cool that you made it on!!! Love the screen shots!!
    I feel like a very bad blog follower … I have been reading your blog but haven’t commented for ages (moving house!)

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