So this happened. aka that time we got filmed by Food Network.

Soma food truck park (in SF- amazing place) + food network crews there to film their summer food truck show + food truck hopefuls + us on mom’s day = good times.

And glorious food. Oh yeah, and we might be seen on the show when it airs in August. The Great Food Truck Race is basically teams (3 people) working together, on a food truck, and whoever makes the least $ each week gets booted off each week. They have challenges and setbacks of course – and in the end, after they’ve traveled across the whole country, the winner get cash + the food truck. It’s a lot of fun to watch, but I gotta tell you it was even more fun to see the behind the scenes there in SF. To watch the camera crews, to hear the producers prompting the teams and even re-shooting when something didn’t work. All of it.

The food was good too, though it seemed their challenge only allowed for a single item on the menu which was a bummer. It meant we didn’t order from about 1/2 the trucks. But the girls didn’t mind too much because three INSANELY GOOD local (unrelated to the show) trucks were there with Bao, Bulgogi beef, and Frozen Custard. SO good – and we kept sampling one of each and sharing. I love that my kids are adventurous in their eating! It makes days like this super fun.


Rebecca even got interviewed – which was HILARIOUS to watch because whatever the producer asked her to do/talk about to the camera she did. With extra fancy flair. Of course. I’m not sure any of us will be able to live with her ego should she make it onto the TV show. Ha! That child is not at all shy, to say the least.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth was eating, eating, eating and hiding from all cameras. She was all about the food and observing – totally more my speed! Above you can see two of the competitor trucks – Aloha Plate and The Slide Show. Seriously such a trip to watch behind the scenes but I will save all my geeky iPhone pics for an actual scrapbook page and share with you here on my blog later.

This was an adventure, and the kind of thing that is just so much fun because it wasn’t planned but all worked out. I’m so glad we jumped in the car and went for it!

12 thoughts on “So this happened. aka that time we got filmed by Food Network.”

  1. This sounds like SO much fun! If I’d heard about it ahead of time, I would have totally been there! We’ve been volunteers on Mythbusters (twice!) and the behind-the-scenes of filming is absolutely fascinating. Add in good food and it sounds like an AWESOME day.

  2. Fantastic! What fun that Rebecca got to do her thing! Awesome that you went for it and had a great experience! I can’t wait to see the LO!

  3. What an experience!! And so great that your kids are adventurous in their eating. One of my “Proud Mom” experiences was when our girls were around 8 and 10. We were at a restaurant and one of them had ordered seafood crepes – not too adventurous in today’s foodie world, but for two country girls 25 years ago it was. So the one with the crepes makes this unsolicited comment, “I’m glad you make us eat all this weird stuff cause it’s really good and none of my friends would eat this.” They are both excellent home chefs now and still enjoy trying the most unusual things on a menu.

  4. I’m sure you hear this all the time, but your girls are absolutely beautiful! How wonderful that they are adventurous eaters as well. Sounds like you have a really fun day. I hope you make it to the aired edition, it will be fun to watch you all on the show, keep us posted.

  5. So insanely jealous! Love the Great Food Truck Race and am eagerly awaiting next season! Will look for you guys and I hope they keep her interview in because it sounds pretty funny. What a fun day and good food!

  6. How fun. I hope you do get to be on TV. and I hope Rebecca’s interview is shown!!!

  7. I just love when an unplanned day trip works out better than expected. I haven’t seen the show but will check it out.

  8. I had to look this back up now that the episode aired! I want to hear all that you ate and how it was! How did you learn about the filming? We would have dropped everything to be there if we’d known about it!

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