Countdown to Camp Scrap: 1 week!

So here’s a fun fact: Camp Scrap starts on the last day of school! WOW! Time really does fly.


It is Thursday – and that means it is Camp Scrap countdown day usually… but whoops. I didn’t think about the fact that today = kindergarten assembly + no school for Elizabeth (long story short, I’m not sending her on a field trip without me, so she’s coming to kindergarten!) and all of this = I do *not* have my usual quiet peaceful morning to sit and write a Camp Scrap countdown post. WHOOOOPS. I really should schedule these posts ahead of time!

So, I’ll give you one last sneak peek photo, and promise to post the NEW video + project I meant to have up this morning (relatively) soon. After the assembly, luncheon, martial arts class, and supplies for their pool party. You know, just normal Thursday fun stuff. Speaking of fun stuff, here’s the sneaky peek…

campscrap_week3 (27)

I wish you very Happy Crafting- and welcome to the final countdown to Camp Scrap!! If you’ve not signed up and want to join us, there is stillĀ  plenty of time. Got questions? Feel free to ask!

3 thoughts on “Countdown to Camp Scrap: 1 week!”

  1. Have a fun busy day! Can’t wait for Camp! [insert appropriate dance moves here]

    We’re actually keeping our daughter home from school tomorrow because it’s supposed to be 90 degrees and humid, but they’re going to a wooded place, which requires long sleeves and long pants (see also: disease-carrying ticks.) She would melt into a red-faced puddle in those circumstances, so we’re just going to keep her home. Oy.

  2. I am so happy to be signed up! My husband bought your Camp Scrap for me for my birthday today! :o)

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