Easy party signs.


These could be done any way, any size, any style! They could have a simple “welcome” note, hold your menu, be small and act as place cards… but it is an easy craft that any aspiring hostess should know! Here’s the how-to:

1. Cut two pieces of chipboard (or any super thick paper) + a 1/2 x 5″ (this can vary greatly) strip of the board as well. FYI cardstock can work, but it is best for very small signage. Bigger paper = quicker to fall over with weak paper!

2. Use tape to adhere the two (equal sized) pieces of chipboard together at one end, leaving a very thin gap. Do this on both sides, DO NOT worry about perfect coverage.

3. Use that small strip and fold each end down. This is going to be what props and keeps your sign up/open. Cut excess if needed, use strong double sided tape to adhere very near the bottom of each sign.

4. FUN PART! cover with printed materials, patterned paper, etc. on both sides. I advise assembling pieces before attaching to sign. ALSO: You can totally make your papers a bit wider than the sign. Just make sure they aren’t taller than the chipboard bits.

5. Tape over the top of the sign, then add ribbon, fun baubles, or whatever else you like!


This is such an easy thing to make, and there are so many applications…


If you’d like to know about why I made these┬ásigns, stay tuned! I will be doing a post about why I threw myself a tea party tomorrow.

7 thoughts on “Easy party signs.”

  1. Hi May! I love tea parties and am looking to do one for my daughter’s bridal shower in October. I look forward to your tutirial on the signs!

  2. So lovely, and from what I know about you, it is so you. I am guessing now is the time to wish you a happy birthday. If I wish it enough times, I shall get the correct date.

  3. First, Happy Birthday, May! I absolutely love your philosophy…..you make your own happiness, no one else can do that for you. Too many people have expectations of others and will always be disappointed. You put it so well in this post. You are a fabulous mother to pass this wisdom onto your daughters…..they are very lucky indeed (as you are to have them too). P.S. My father’s bday was the 28th too.

  4. What a wonderful post! I have been following your blog for awhile now, and am always inspired both creatively and emotionally! I threw a 40th birthday party for myself 6 yrs ago to celebrate not only a milestone bday, but also to celebrate 3 yrs of being breast cancer free- I knew exactly who-what- and-how I wanted to celebrate and felt I had earned the right to do it myself :). We all should be able to celebrate ourselves, for any reason, and I’m happy you did too. I also live in the Northern California-in San Jose- and want to recommend Scrapbook Island to you if you haven’t already heard of it. It is an amazing store filled with the funnest scrapping goodies and staffed with the most amazing ladies. The owner, Laurie, and her staff are so wonderful to everyone who walks in. Thanks for all you do May!!!

  5. Only recently found your blog from a SSS post, love your Monday’s with May. So, I come upon this post & I’m thinking wow that place setting sure looks a lot like my local tea restaurant, Linde Lane. I think we might be from the same neck of the woods, small world ­čÖé

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