Happy May Day!

I will be spending “my” day working up a storm!! I have so much in the works- love it!

Today I did want to pop in and say that I found the new official yogurt of May Flaum:


It’s super creamy and delish. I eat it with berries. I tried a dozen (yeah, really) yogurts and this is the only one I loved that also is plain/no sweetener.

I call eating yogurt as a meal “Michael Weston style” (aka burn notice. It’s his favorite food, and I adore that show). Anyhow!! Am I really doing a whole post about yogurt? I guess so. Thing is I’ve completely transformed my health and diet over the last 10 months and things are really coming together now. I will share more about that in June.

Oh one more thing about this yogurt- I think with chopped almonds + chocolate chips it’d make an amazing dessert substitute!! I plan on testing that theory just as soon as I get more of it.

I promise to be back tomorrow with craft related content. A layout from Camp Scrap and update on # of projects made for class!

9 thoughts on “Happy May Day!”

  1. Would Michael or Fe approve of choco chips???!!!! Probably not 🙂 … but thanks for this, have been wanting to find a decent tasting plain yogurt as it is sooo much better for us, look forward to the June post …. healthy eating makes for happy scrappers! Thanks May

  2. I agree – totally delish! My 3 and 6 yr old girls love it too! We drizzle a tiny bit of honey on it, and it’s part of our daily breakfast! A side of fruit with a scrambled egg, or waffle or pancakes (sans syrup, just add a spoonful of pumpkin butter to batter) and we’re good to go! Yes, as Quinna said, our SoCal Costco sells it too – 35oz container for ~$5, not bad!!

  3. I have heard that if you stir some Nutella in it will taste just like chocolate mousse. I just usually add a tablespoon of jam to mine when I’m feeling desertty. It has so much protein it really keeps you satisfied so it is a great replacement for other, less-filling desserts.

  4. Hi May,

    We don’t get that brand here but I love plain fat free Greek yogurt. I like it with berries but lately my morning go to snack is Greek yogurt, a tiny bit of honey, figs that I plump up in water the night before and some walnuts.

    Back to berries when they are local and in season. Soon!

  5. I guess I shall have to find this brand and give it a try. I almost feel like a groupie following the rock star May around and doing what she does. LOL. Honestly, I have seen a difference in a couple of photos that have been posted, and you look very happy and healthy. You really have a marvelous glow. I tried another Greek yogurt and thought it was absolute ick. I want to feel healthier, really. I quit smoking 10 months ago, and unfortunately I have felt horrible ever since, not to mention I am now a fat cow. So not only do I enjoy and learn from your scrap postings, I also hope to be a healthier Barb thanks to May.

  6. That is our favorite yogurt too. I usually smash up a banana, put some yogurt in and add a little bit of granola. Very good that way. And Burn Notice is a great show!

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