Saturday random things & thoughts.


1. Loving the new Doodlebug. So much color (this pic is from my instagram feed)

2. Does anyone else watch the show Arrow on CW? I will admit I started it last fall only because one of my girlfriends told me about the eye-candy workout scenes, and while those are pretty great, it actually turned out to be a really great show!  I love the mix of drama and action, the twists and (naturally) the superhero aspect as well. I’m glad there is going to be a Season 2!


3. Speaking of shows, I’m ready for this weekend’s Game of Thrones. I was so LOVING last week’s episode! GIRL POWER! Though I hear we should expect things to not always remain so girl-strong… I’m going to enjoy it for now. I love the detail and the powerful elements to that show.

4. Thanks to my friend Melissa, I am tracking my calories (and carbs) this month using an iPhone app called Lose It. Have to tell you – it’s really great. I usually have my phone with me so it is easy to jot down the things I eat throughout the day, AND I can see what things are worth/cost before I eat them. Not only that, but I can really see where I’m getting my healthy eating right – and where I’m going WRONG. For example, I was saved from a Costco food court lunch bad choice when I saw it was 100g carbs + 750calories. Um… yeah… NOT WORTH IT!! I ran off without food, and just ate back at home.

5. I am so happy it is getting to be strawberry and other early fruit season. I missed good fruit choices other than citrus!!

6. I am throwing myself a birthday party this year. I figure… I’m a grown woman if I want to have a ladies tea for my birthday why the heck not? Because ladies, I strongly believe in making your own magic, making things happen, and taking action not sitting back and waiting for someone else to think of it. I’m very excited.

7. Disappointed to hear about the (leaked) ending for Sookie Stackhouse. Talk about BAD choice by the author. Oh man, I’m just soooo very glad I quit those books a few years back and haven’t been investing time in them. Egads.

8. I’m questing for a new favorite yogurt. Trying to adapt to plain (aka no sweetener aka no fun) yogurt. It’s a process. Fun fact: when I have breakfast or lunch of yogurt + fresh fruit + chopped macadamia nuts I call it “the Michael Weston”. Cuz Mike loves his yogurt and Burn Notice is a great show, and I’ve been rewatching it.

9. I do not know what illness/allergy/act of god has hit my body but I am not happy about it!! I would guesstimate that I’ve had every single virus to come through Northern California this season, and now I’ve got the ick. Drained of energy, gunked up lungs, runny nose, sinus issues, sore throat, random fevered days… dude this is NOT cool. I would really appreciate it if all the issues would go away (all together please!) and leave me alone. My brain is working about 4x faster than my body can at this point and I’m more annoyed than anything else.

10. I’m on crunch time for Camp Scrap!! Turning in weeks 3/4 in the next few days… so I’d better get back to it!

That just about does it for now. What’s new with you?

7 thoughts on “Saturday random things & thoughts.”

  1. Hi May,
    I had so much fun reading you… I’m actually watching Arrow as well and I love it… Good to hear there will be a season 2. And for Games of Thrones, I just started to read the books, can’t wait one week to know what will happen to those girls 😉 maybe I’m going to use that app you talked about, I definitly need some help to loose weight before summer! And now, I’m going straight to my craft room and maybe I’ll try to make a beautiful canvas like yours

  2. I really related to your blog today … I’ve decided I’m going to have all my birthdays in a tea room and invite all my girl friends and female relatives!!! (Gratefully my youngest daughter planned a surprise bday lunch, for my 60th, at my favorite breakfast place – LaPeep.)

    I decided to try Oikos yougart when I saw it on sale this week. It does not taste as good as it looks on the commercials with John Stamos! lol

    If you figure out what kind of bug/virus/allergies you have, please share with us … cuz I’ve got the exact symptoms and I live in Dallas, TX. Went to the dr last Mon and all he said was I have severe alleries and to buy some generitc Claritin. (Oh, forgot he also told me to start taking Vitamin D too)

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

  3. Sorry you are under the weather May! It is cold and rainy here in East Tennessee. My daughter’s prom is Friday so we were at the alterations’ lady’s home this evening for a final fitting. Today we also joined extended family to celebrate 4 ladies birthdays – ages ranging from 2 to 46! I bought a tutu with a matching “fairy wand” for my two year old niece and I wish you could have seen her absolute DELIGHT when she put it on! She danced all around the room “blessing” each of us with the wand (or maybe sprinkling fairy dust on us?). Predictably things got ugly when she began hitting her 4 year old brother with her fairy wand! LOL I hope you have a blessed Sunday and feel much better!

  4. Try a yogurt sundae: plain yogurt, fresh fruit (I like blueberries) some shredded (unsweetened!) coconut and almond butter (fresh, no salt). YUMMY. Good, and good for you!

    Thanks for this post with a bit more into your life.

    Feel better soon!

  5. Hi May – loved your random Saturday and hope you will soon be feeling much better! My new favorite yogurt treat is: 1 cup plain regular or Greek yogurt, 1 t vanilla extract, 1 T cocoa powder and 1 T smooth peanut butter. Whisk it all together and if you want you can dip some fruit into it but I’ve been enjoying just eating it with a spoon! Feels like you are really having a treat but without any sugar-laden guilt. Thanks for all your great scrapping tips and ideas! Cathy C.

  6. OMG Arrow is so good! I saw 5 episodes on the plane when we were coming back to HK after Easter! And I’m a huge Game of Thrones fan too

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