and we’re back!

I know I didn’t say I was leaving and that is because I’m aware it could be a bad idea (for home safety reasons) to advertise “hey, nobody will be home these days!” on the internets. Anyhow, yes, we went on our 2013 family vacation. It was an amazing adventure – we all had a fabulous time.


Hawaii take 2 – the Flaums enjoy the Aulani resort. (on Oahu) – six days of no cars, no computers, no worries. Just sand, sun, and lots of relaxation. I can’t say enough good things about the resort- one of my favorite aspects is that so much is included. From towels to life jackets, beach chairs and umbrellas to sand toys and even a kids club with cool activities – it’s already taken care of. I will definitely be making myself pineapple lemongrass water here at home now – oh how refreshing that was.

I look forward to sorting out all the photos (camera and phone), and getting to work on creating layouts for a NEW Hawaii scrapbook!  But first, I have some deadlines to meet, and a final layout (or two?) from “Project Hawaii” to finish! Yeah 14 months ago we enjoyed Maui, and I need that scrapbook to be done before I dive into this new one – and yep, I’ll be sharing those final quick pages here soon. For today, I needed to focus on work + laundry! (NOT that we need any of our warm weather apparel worn in Hawaii!)

PS: yes, if you can believe it, I posted a layout of myself in a bathing suit on this blog. Watch for pigs to be flying! haha. I was really proud of myself for daily snorkeling (it scares me a lot to be in the water with fish…. and I was determined to battle that fear!) so I couldn’t leave that out. Plus you really can’t even see much of me, let’s be honest that’s really why I allowed it to be in this collage.

6 thoughts on “and we’re back!”

  1. Glad you had a fab time sipping umbrella drinks, facing your fears and enjoying family time in the sun and sand.

  2. Love the photos!! I would have expected that you would love the resort since it is a Disney Resort and Spa/Vacation Club Resort. I am certain it was a real “Stitch”. The girls look like they are having the time of their lives, so happy. Have fun sorting photos and doing layouts.

  3. OMG I’m so jealous – I really want to go to Aulani!!! Can’t wait to start seeing pics and LOs!

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