looking back: cars layout

I’m back to digging in some of my old Disney vacation albums and sharing pages. Today, I’ve got a page that features a lot of Jenni Bowlin products…

I still love this page. I love the papers, and how they really worked with rusty old Mater and the old Route 66 feel of the meet & greet area. I love that I got the exact date on there. And I love that I got three different photos of the girls as they say hi to their favorite cars. To say that I love taking pics of the girls with favorite characters would be a massive understatement. For me, it’s good on every level. I get a unique photo opportunity, the girls love looking at them and remembering the time they met that famous so-and-so, and they’re massively fun to scrapbook too. True story? I have 5 characters left from our Disney World trip 2 years ago to scrapbook because I am hoarding and savoring and didn’t want to run out. Yeah, I love it.

On this page, I really am glad I didn’t try to get too funky. I think I’d have left off those three extra stars that I used as decoration. I think I’d have added in some metal and maybe some distress ink and such… but that’s ok. I think I was insane to cut out then stitch that title – but back in the day I did that kind of title stunt often. I should get back into more hand crafted titles – they’re time consuming and a pain in my behind… but I always ALWAYS love them when I revisit scrapbooks.

 If you want to see my very early work, and read about my creative journey start with the last post on this page, and work your way up!

4 thoughts on “looking back: cars layout”

  1. LOVE this layout! The colors are perfect for the pictures! The star border draws your eye to the pictures right off the bat! I also love the CARS letters. Too cute!

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