looking back: Snow White

Over the next few weeks I’ll be digging into some of my old Disney vacation albums and sharing a few pages that are 3+ years old. I’ll be looking at them, evaluating what I like (or dislike), if I have any regrets or would change anything, find things I’d like to scrap-lift, and more. I hope you enjoy the look back. I’m specifically picking pages that stand out to me for some reason, and that are within my more current “style” (meaning, not my earliest work.) If you want to see my very early work, and read about my creative journey start with the last post on this page, and work your way up!

Let’s start with Snow White. I know this page was for a class I did, and the challenge was interpreting/scraplifting. I know I scraplifted the general design (I *think* it was from Lisa Dickinson, but I could be wrong!)

What still works for me:

  • The design: I still love the overall look and feel of this page.
  • My use of cardstock and how I managed to use Snow White’s colors without overwhelming or getting brighter than my photos.
  • the painted chipboard apple. I love what this adds to the page.
  • the border punched paper strips (I need to get back to doing more of these!)

What doesn’t work for me anymore? Not much. It is light on journaling, but I expect that with vacation pages so often. When you have little snippets and stories from a trip where there are maybe 50 possible “scrapbookable moments” every day – not all of them are super long. That’s ok.

It is unfortunate that I didn’t use better glue, and that my red glitter is rubbing off onto my photos and page – but that’s ok. I’m going to re-seal it with some perfect paper adhesive, wipe away any excess glitter than I can, and return it to the album.

An upcoming trip to Disneyland has the girls and I seeking out our old albums to walk down memory lane, and I’m glad! Looking back isn’t just fun to see all the photos, but it also gives me a chance to look at what I love, what I notice, what I’d like more of or to try again, and what I am not loving as well.

7 thoughts on “looking back: Snow White”

  1. For myself I would have left the buttons off. Even though they do echo the colors in Snow White’s dress. But that is just me. I love the apple it really adds to the layout. Unfortunately sometimes it seems to be trial and error with glues. I like your idea of re-sealing with the perfect paper adhesive. Thanks for sharing your trip down memory lane.

  2. Any excuse to share Disney pages works for me!
    This is an interesting concept, revisiting what you’d do differently. I look back at my old pages frequently and know that if I were to do them today they’d certainly be different, but I haven’t come across anything that I want to change – unless it’s in the ‘mechanics’ like using a stronger glue, as you’ve also found.

  3. It’s always fun to go back to our previous projects and see how far we’ve come and what we’ve kept with us as tried & true techniques. I love this layout of yours! The apple does add a lot to it!

  4. I love the buttons and different textures you have used. It’s always fun to just play and experiment!

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