this week:

Five days of soccer, a months belated B-day dinner, lots of sweat, very little sugar, and a whole lot of work later… I’ve survived! I’ve got some really fun stuff coming up, and I’m going to be returning to the subject of fall/Halloween in another week or so but as my projects are still in-progress I’ll be taking a break from the spooky and pumpkin themed stuff for a bit. I’ve got other stuff in store for now!

But in the meantime, I’ve been so busy posting projects that I’ve not posted about a few other things, and I want to do kind of a round-up:

1. Winner of Simon Says Stamp card kit is: Christine Blanchard  ( email me mflaum @ Comcast . net with your mailing info!)

2. I’ve got a project up at Ranger Ink – a thanks card that I had a BLAST creating. The full supply list and step-by-step how-to is shared as well. You can check it out here.

3. Speaking of exciting, I’m joining team Jenni Bowlin.

I can’t wait to see what this new adventure brings – I’ve been a huge fan of Jenni and all she does for a very long time.

4.  I am behind in just about everything. It’s OK! But I had to say it because as I catch one thing up, another falls. Ah the balance of life!

5. I’m REALLY excited to be bringing you a whole week of Heidi Swapp. (the products, not the woman) right here, starting tomorrow. Which means, HAPPY CRAFTING!

Now, if someone could find me an extra week of September to add on so that it isn’t about to become October that would be FANTASTIC.

*runs and scampers to complete tasks*

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  1. Way to go May! I’m sure you’ll adore working on the Jenni Bowlin stuff, since you use alot of her stuff anyway. Bring it on!….. once you’ve had a sit down and a quiet drink of course 🙂

  2. Congrats on becoming a Jenni Bowlin Ambassador! I no longer think of myself as behind; it’s just my natural state of existence anymore. And I’m totally okay with that.

  3. Congrats on being a part of the Jenni Bowlin team! I love her products and can’t wait to see your new projects!

  4. Life has been super crazy here, too! But, anyway:
    1. Congrats to Christine! Enjoy!!!!!
    2. That sounds like the very best kind of thanks card to create!!!
    3. I can’t wait to see your JB DT projects! Sounds like a great match for you!
    4. I know the feeling! The best thing about being busy is that you don’t have time for the things that you shouldn’t be doing (for me, that’d mean eating when I’m not hungry…)
    5. I can’t wait for Heidi Swapp (products;-)! There is so much to love about what that woman designs (and she’s so fun and smiley – it’s easy to like her a ton!!!)
    Thanks for sharing!!!

  5. Congratulations! How fun to be on Jenni’s team. Enjoy working with her fantastic kits. I love your Autumn TY card. I do believe I am going to lift if I have enough product on hand to come close to your finished card. I think I shall need to purchase some mists because they do make a difference in the results.

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