Holiday card: Memory Box Tree die

I know, it’s early for this. But here is the thing:

The holidays SNEAK THE HECK UP. Every year, December 15 rolls around and people freak out because they’re not ready. Well guess what? This is why September 1 is the opening of my “go ahead, craft cards and tags, shop if you see the perfect thing buy it” season. The thing is, I’ve made it a part of my fall traditions. I still decorate with pumpkins and give thanks and all that – I just also sneak in a bit of Christmas crafting here and then. This makes for a VERY relaxing December, and it lets me really treasure each project, shopping excursion, and really savor each gift chosen and every thing I make. It started as a way to pass the time one boring November… and it has expanded! Since holiday dies, stamps, and papers are showing up in stores I figureย I will share things as I make them vs hanging on for months.

I tell you this because – well… if you see it here, now you know why! Ok. Here’s a card:

SIMPLE. SO simple. Die cut + stamp + rhinestones. DONE.

Supplies used:

Here’s a detail shot…

Happy Crafting!!

15 thoughts on “Holiday card: Memory Box Tree die”

  1. Oh I want this die soooo badly. I usually start on my Holiday cards by now. Not this year. I will get busy.

  2. I am always impressed with how you do Christmas–exactly the opposite of someone I know who NEVER learns. This die is just plain fabulous. So delicate looking.

  3. Blimey May – you don’t realise your influence – that die is sold out already!! ๐Ÿ™‚ It is at Simonsaystamp at least ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I love this enough that I just might need to card lift from you. Now I need to find someone who has the die in stock. Why cannot things be easy?

  5. Lovely card May. Liking the look of the new Doodle cards that Stacy Julian was showing off on Big Ideas day #1, they look so quick and professional.

    ** Kate **

  6. This is such a happy and simple card, but, it too makes me smile, which is what I hope a card will make someone else do. Thanks for the inspiration!

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