Playing with my August stash…

The other day my friend Melissa had a fabulous idea (as she so often does). She asked if I’d opened my goodies that I purchased from Studio Calico that I’d gotten last month. I had to admit that no, I’ve not *quite* gotten that far. The box was still sealed. With all the hoopla technology wise here, I’ve been in quite the slump (more on that another day!). Anyhow, she thought it would be fun if we both blogged about using the August Studio Calico kits on the same day… and as I have been meaning to do so AND I wanted to do a kit post anyhow I thought “yes. This is great let’s do it!” so we are. [her post is up here

Now I didn’t get the main kit (it was sold out!) but I did get two add-on kits and let me tell you – with Studio Calico the “add-on” they really are great crafting kits all on their own!! The first thing I did (once I actually opened those kits up) was to smash them together into one. Why not? They both were made as add-ons for the same main kit so they should in theory coordinate.

I will talk for a moment about my outlook on kits. You see, I believe whether you make your own, buy them, use a single brand, or jump all over the boards you should always be able to make them work for you. Whether that means tearing them apart, adding lots of bits and pieces, or breaking them down into single project ‘kits’ – it is all good. They can (and should) enhance the crafting experience and be above all: FUN.

You’re going to see me do several kit posts in the next few weeks as I count down to the start of my new class kit-tastic. I can’t help it – I so love kit crafting. Ok but for now – let’s see what happened when I broke into my kits.

Right off the bat I needed to use that stamp. My results… well it didn’t quite turn out as I’d envisioned but that is OK! Because rule #1: Breaking into the kit is the hard part. I love when there is a stamp so I can start using the kit without “using up” the kit. It helps me warm up and not stress.

Next up, a layout for sure.

My sister and I got the girls yelling “supermodel documentary hour” and posing (though my girls have definitely not seen the movie that inspired us… you can see it here). But I knew I just had to use that as my title. I love all the goodies these kits (Mama’s Porch and Five & Dime) had. I really did just bust it out and PLAY with this page. I love looking at a kit and thinking “what do I have right here that I like for this?” – saves so much time! Plus, well these are awesome kits. Oh those colors. Perfect for my super model girls.

I adore that first layout with a kit, it is such a magical feeling for me. There is something about being able to pick from the kit that just makes me giddy.

It was painful to use that ADORABLE confetti tag, but I had to. Rule #1 of good stash use: USE the stuff you love. Don’t hang on to it and hope for a ‘perfect’ project.

Well, I’m off to craft up a storm, and I’m writing some kit-tastic posts too – so if you have questions about class or are just thinking about joining me please let me know! I have several posts this week coming…

But as for these Studio Calico kits? They’re being broken apart and incorporated into my stash.

HANG ON! Before you faint, gasp, or call me out let me explain. I purchased these kits for the reason I purchase any kit: because I adore the contents and want to use them. In this case, the contents I already can see I want to mix and match with stuff I already have and so I shall.

Because what is the #1 rule? NO RULES. Just enjoy. Stay tuned for more kit posts, as well as a post about how I got my groove back, product reviews, and more. It is going to be a great September…

PS: Don’t forget to see what Melissa is up to today as well!

9 thoughts on “Playing with my August stash…”

  1. Thank you for sharing–I really appreciate your push–I have a few SC kits that I need to use up (4 or 5) because my others should be here soon!!!

    I like the idea that a kit should work for you–and I definitely think the class you are going to have is going to be needed and DEFINITELY something I should consider.

  2. Since I have not developed a scrap style yet, I haven’t made the leap into kits. One minute I am bright, colorful and clean, then grungy…then vintage shabby. Economically, is it cheaper to do a kit? I definitely will be following these posts on kits!

  3. Great LO! The girls look fabulous. It was a great idea for you & Melissa to both do a project from the same kits on the same day. Fun!

  4. May I am going to live by this quote of yours, “USE the stuff you love. Don’t hang on to it and hope for a ‘perfect’ project.” I am so guilty of keeping something I think is so special and must have that perfect usage. Well, no more. I have been looking at a Kaiser Kraft wood gate that is fabulous. It NEEDs to be used!


  5. Love today’s post and looking forward to seeing more of the same. I also saw the Scrappy Jedi and enjoyed her post, but wasnt able to leave a comment there ( also can’t enter the giveaway either, as a result 🙁

  6. Thanks for the inspiration and the sound advice about using the stuff you love. I also tend to hold onto things because I want to save them for sth. special. As a child, I was given some glass mosaic that I loved but never used. It may still be in a box somewhere or maybe it got finally thrown out… Such a waste!

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